Haiku 13-15

Space so cold and vast, we’re as far apart as the stars. Darkness engulfs, our time’s passed.     Star crossed lovers we were, our paths, drawn together by chance. Celestial bodies causing a stir.     Celebrated performers, all the rage. They need, they feed on the drama. The whole world’s a stage. © […]

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Haiku 10-12

The scene outside my window, the winds are cold, blowing and stirring. Winter’s fury unleashed, blasting snow.     The ravages war has wrought, as far as the eye can see. Ignoring lessons history has taught.     I’m back on track again, for awhile, I had lost my way. It happens now and then. […]

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Haiku 4-6

A broken heart; bleeding, cries, fragile and wounded it surrenders to grief, to a cold indifferent sunrise.   Standing on the river bank, lazy water rolling, current following it’s course. As I gazed, I drank. Lovers on a Winters eve, draw their bodies close to one another. At that moment they conceive.       […]

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