Onward with no direction, only to wander aimless. My dimly lit perception, of places and faces; nameless. With restless abandon, I strode, hurling cautions wind, hear it howl. On the road of ruin, I rode, ever perilous on the prowl.   This lone kingdom I reign, where subjects, not a single soul. I haunt […]

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The Bigger Picture

  We,   our planet,   a solar system.   In a galaxy larger,   an even bigger, expanding universe. Searching the unknown, for a sign ∞ ©2017 Kathleen Stefani and Combing  The Catacombs. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express written permission from the site’s author is strictly forbidden. Excerpts and links may […]

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I’m As Mad As Hell

I’m as mad as hell, just like Howard Beale. He knew, and he said it so well; reality television, now it’s oh so real. There’s been a wall of division, that stretches the length of the land. Where there should be unison, the flames of fervor are fanned. They only asked that their voices be heard, […]

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Dim And Distant

When your dreams fade, and become distant and dim. Slipping away, in a mist; they evaporate, asleep or awake, are we ever certain?   When a friend can’t be found, all that remains consistent, when you’re down, no one wants you around. How quickly they become dim and distant.   When you’ve lost fortunes favor, […]

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The Road To Happy

The  road to happy is strewn with debris, and many a casualty. It happens when you hit the asphalt, onward and away you vault. At a cross roads, you come to an intersection. not sure, which way’s the right direction. Gather your wits together, the road must take you somewhere better. It’s a journey, where […]

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Mono No Aware

You can get lost in the shuffle,                the hustle and bustle. I need a change of scenery, away from technology and machinery; back to nature,  lush with greenery. A  place of seclusion, want  to be alone,  no intrusion. A cabin in the pines, content in the confines. No […]

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Imperfect Elegance

Everyone has some wisdom, some advice to impart, what I should, and shouldn’t do. If I should choose to follow my heart, where would that lead me to ? I lose myself in dreams that can never be, we’ve all wanted to escape reality. We should be so lucky,  from time to time, to wander […]

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