Too Become One

I long to be reunited, our bodies locked in embrace. To feel excited, by the touch of your skin. I want to feel that way again. I’ve forgotten the taste, and how much I miss, the sweetness of your kiss. The feeling of you inside, when you take me on  a ride. When we reach […]

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Pink Mountain

The pleasures you seek, are waiting when you reach the peak,. Climb those mountains of pink, at the crest take a drink. Stake your claim, plant your banner, you are lord of the manor. You’ve conquered the heights, indulge yourself in the delights. Answer the call to my rally, descend into the valley. Journey down […]

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Peaches And Cream

Peaches and cream, good and juicy; deliciously fruity. Intense and extreme, we have our moments so sweet, a shared passion and heat.   The fruit is ripe, ready to be picked. Climb to the top of that tree. Did the job till it was licked, now there’s a treasure trove in the pantry.   You […]

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Surrender And Succumb

To you I surrender my body, my being, my all, at your altar I fall, I will drink of you, and you will fill me in return Teach me so that I can learn, to reach that hidden part, the secret corner of longing, that lies within your heart. Touch it and feel the senses […]

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Tangled Ecstacy

She was fair complected, with golden honey colored hair, waiting patiently for a love she expected. About her there was an air, eyes of aquamarine, with specks of green. He was exotic and slim, she couldn’t take her eyes away from him. His eyes were brown and almond shaped, from his gaze she could not […]

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Cream Of The Crop

You’re the cream of the crop, when you fill my cup; you don’t leave a drop, I could be down so low, but you pick me right up. I’ve got the milk, you’ve got the sugar to make it sweet, we’ll  both drink and eat. We can feast and be merry to our heart’s content, […]

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Now We’re Cooking

Are you feeling hungry,  could you use a meal? If you want to dine on fine cuisine, maybe you’ll know what I mean. Home cooking for real, no  a la carte,  everything’s included when you’re dining in. I’ll get you a menu,  so pull up a chair, for starters,  I’ll  bring  a drink,  and a […]

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