Rise And Shine

Rise and shine,                                                                                      crows the rooster at dawn; while the wise owl slumbers […]

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Mono No Aware

You can get lost in the shuffle,                the hustle and bustle. I need a change of scenery, away from technology and machinery; back to nature,  lush with greenery. A  place of seclusion, want  to be alone,  no intrusion. A cabin in the pines, content in the confines. No […]

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New Leaf

I’ve had my hopes dashed, watched as everything around me crashed. Now I’ve got my sights set on improving, a new direction, time to get moving. Turning over a new leaf, you may find it hard to believe! Changing seasons, now that’s guaranteed. Give it time, time will tell, if I can succeed. We’ll see […]

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Welcome To The Sun

I counted the days and dreaded the night, blind in the dark, what good is sight? All I’ve learned doesn’t do me a bit of good, I can’t start a fire without matches and wood. I call out in distress, no answer, but silence to my  S.O.S. Welcome to the sun, it brings light, it […]

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Dreams In A Thicket

  I ventured on a walk,  and grew weary as I found myself deep in a thicket. I remember the sun was sinking low,  and  the song of a singing cricket. I awoke in a forest maze, suddenly my eyes locked in a gaze, with an enchanter,  in this dark wooded place. I couldn’t tell […]

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High atop an obelisk,  a would be novelist, looking down below, sees patterns and lines, of the most intricate designs. Hieroglyphs to decipher, a message left by a long ago writer. Pondering the riddle of the Sphinx,  he has his theories, but mostly he thinks. We’ve been given a gift, the power to inspire and […]

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Gardens Of Delight

Seeds planted in the nurturing earth, with water and sunlight, will grow. Tended with loving handiwork, they spout, bloom, and soon you sow; Our hearts are these seeds. Intertwined by their roots, they bare sweet fruits, that satisfy our hunger, our needs. In the garden,  known as Eden, where we used to dwell. Those fruits […]

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