None of us go unscathed, untouched by hurt and sorrow. In showers of tears I’ve bathed,  falling drops, more tomorrow. Wounds are bleeding, healing seems inconceivable. Immune now to needing, love; no more seems believable. No more, never again, will I allow myself to feel that pain, of what had been. I don’t need […]

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I Will Go Down

I’d dive to the deepest depths, swimming in waters of bliss. I’d surrender precious breaths, for your kiss, I would drown in this. Light-headed, out of air, on the floor,  can’t rise. You put me there; I’m sure you realize. Irresistible siren that you are, led me to your private pool. You call,  your door […]

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I’m As Mad As Hell

I’m as mad as hell, just like Howard Beale. He knew, and he said it so well; reality television, now it’s oh so real. There’s been a wall of division, that stretches the length of the land. Where there should be unison, the flames of fervor are fanned. They only asked that their voices be heard, […]

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Happy Tears

I cry happy tears,                                                                              tears that came at that point in my life, where the stars aligned,  […]

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Dancing By Candlelight

You’ve set the mood just right, for dancing by candlelight. Soothing music, soft and mellow, we’ll dance to the rhythm, move with the flow. On the walls, our shadows, they’re dancing too, we’re  all enjoying this midnight rendezvous. what can I do, but succumb, my hopeless romantic, you charm and captivate, it’s simply magic. Sweep […]

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Rise And Shine

Rise and shine,                                                                                      crows the rooster at dawn; while the wise owl slumbers […]

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