None of us go unscathed, untouched by hurt and sorrow. In showers of tears I’ve bathed, Ā falling drops, a shattered echo. Wounds are bleeding, healing seems inconceivable. Immune now to needing, love; no more seems believable. No more, never again, will I allow myself to feel that pain, of what had been. I don’t […]

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Haiku 4-6

A broken heart; bleeding, cries, fragile and wounded it surrenders to grief, to a cold indifferent sunrise.   Standing on the river bank, lazy water rolling, current following it’s course. As I gazed, I drank. Lovers on a Winters eve, draw their bodies close to one another. At that moment they conceive. Ā      […]

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My Day Has Come

I had no illusions to where this would lead, the conclusion was all but guaranteed. I knew from the beginning, this was one, Ā I wasn’t winning. I took a leap, hoping maybe by some chance, that you’d be my partner in this dance. But you weren’t mine to keep, only to borrow, I’ll revel in […]

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When You Fall

  I watched the sun andĀ moon rise and set. contemplating memories that I can not forget They’re etched in my heart’s deepestĀ place the lines sketched on this saddened face. Love is supposed to never end, a belief, Ā I once held dear, now I must suspend. There’s little comfort, little relief, bittersweet and brief. No one […]

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I’m A Goner

That’s Ā it, I’m done, Ā I’m a goner, If only I were stronger. Can’t hold on too much longer, I’ve lost this campaign. I surrender, I’ll never be the same. Wandering aimlessly down memory lane. My purpose, my plan, all I ever wanted to be was your man. Now you’ve let me go and cut the […]

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