I Knew A Man

    April 1, 1945, was both Easter Sunday and April Fools Day. My father, a 20-year-old member of the 6th Marine Division, was aboard a troop landing craft, heading straight to the shores of the heavily fortified island of Okinawa. Approaching the beaches with a mixture of fear, eagerness and uneasy anticipation; these feelings […]

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I’m As Mad As Hell

I’m as mad as hell, just like Howard Beale. He knew, and he said it so well; reality television, now it’s oh so real. There’s been a wall of division, that stretches the length of the land. Where there should be unison, the flames of fervor are fanned. They only asked that their voices be heard, […]

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Manhattan Song Gone Wrong

  Warriors preach of the heroic and divine, a penalty must be paid for the crime. Crying vengeance for that day of infamy, the faithful sought the trinity.     In the dust of Los Alamos, appeared a holy ghost. Was death the destroyer, the devil his employer.        Little Boy and Fat […]

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Insecure Security

Seeking a sanctuary of solitude; a retreat constructed, away from the mechanical multitude. of the unknowingly corrupted. A broken system sabotaged. wrapped in a banner of red, white and blue. A patriotic sentiment camouflaged, the parade’s a charade, on me and you. Stir the melting pot, add a side of exclusion. A tangled web, a […]

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