My Sweet Thief

Your face is worn, with lines I love. You gaze intent, your elegant hands, brush against my skin, and I blush, cast down my eyes. If you looked in them, you would see to my soul. I won’t hand over my heart, only to have it broken, and carelessly cast aside. Would you be so […]

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    Your silence says it all, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I won’t keep waiting for your call, when you make it crystal clear. The rejection hurt like hell, I can still feel the sting. I loved you, I really fell, now there’s no hope eternal to spring. My broken heart must […]

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  None of us go unscathed, untouched by hurt and sorrow. In showers of tears I’ve bathed,  falling drops, more tomorrow. Wounds are bleeding, healing seems inconceivable. Immune now to needing, love; no more seems believable. No more, never again, will I allow myself to feel that pain, of what had been. I don’t need […]

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Haiku 4-6

A broken heart; bleeding, cries, fragile and wounded it surrenders to grief, to a cold indifferent sunrise.   Standing on the river bank, lazy water rolling, current following it’s course. As I gazed, I drank. Lovers on a Winters eve, draw their bodies close to one another. At that moment they conceive.       […]

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My Day Has Come

I had no illusions to where this would lead, the conclusion was all but guaranteed. I knew from the beginning, this was one,  I wasn’t winning. I took a leap, hoping maybe by some chance, that you’d be my partner in this dance. But you weren’t mine to keep, only to borrow, I’ll revel in […]

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I’m A Goner

That’s  it, I’m done,  I’m a goner, If only I were stronger. Can’t hold on too much longer, I’ve lost this campaign. I surrender, I’ll never be the same. Wandering aimlessly down memory lane. My purpose, my plan, all I ever wanted to be was your man. Now you’ve let me go and cut the […]

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