The Land Of The Free

I have my reservations, about broadcasting my observations. Judgmental people, don’t realize, they’re pawns, mere sheeple. no minds of their own to think rationally. Misguided by prejudice and fear, they protest  passionately, to fervent crowds who clamor, swing down our mighty hammer.                           […]

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Wake Up

Too much saturation and exaggeration, there’s no substance, just empty essence. Too awake to dream, too asleep to awake, absent a glimmer or a gleam. The shake of an earthquake, topples and tumbles. You’re sure you’re secure, while all that is around you crumbles. Is there anything that will endure? We’re fragile creatures. Wise teachers, […]

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Winter Of Discontent

This winter of discontent, has  left me worn and spent; like a hit and run accident, where has the spring went? It’s been a winter of discontent, snow’s piled high, and no sign of stopping. There seems no end to what the sky is dropping, falling down like frozen tears. Sit back and wait until […]

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Intact Extracts

In a frantic fashion, you rationalize your passion. So much imagination, vivid illustration. Circles, squares and cubes, abstract interludes. Colors and pictures, one of a kind fixtures, Revered and admired;  divinely inspired, as the holy scriptures. But I’m a cynic and a critic, I will be to the very end. A position I will defend, […]

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