On The Home Front

       Some of us live with oppression, at every turn we’re met with opposition, there are those that disagree, and hold a different opinion. Standing alone or together, everyone should have a choice, no one should be denied their voice. One and all should be heard, you have to believe there’s still power […]

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If We All Gave A Hand

  We all make our entrances into this world naked, we’re all the same, an individual, though part of an inter-connected community. Born into wealth or poverty;  obscurity or acclaim, when you make your introduction, there’s no immunity.   Be kind and tolerant to others, you haven’t walked in their shoes, or know their troubles. Extend […]

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“I” Community

There’s a global community, you can hold it right in your hand, you can access the world-wide web, tweet or text. Wi-Fi, broadband, how it all works, I’m not quite sure I  understand, don’t need a great intellect, as long as I can connect. 3D, High Def, and Imax, mind addictions, we can’t get our […]

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The Congregation Of The Lost

       All across this once bountiful landscape, the less fortunate struggle scrimping and scraping by on minimum wage. Character assumptions, accusations of guilt assumed. No recourse, no rebuttal, only to face an inquisition, in this day and age.      There was a time when one and all were afforded the chance of freedom, […]

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The Long Journey Of Humanity

Once the world seemed so large, an impassable expanse, we set out of foot, and strode the open, and often hostile terrain. Battling the elements and obstacles on our advance, some force in us hungered to move, what it was we couldn’t explain. We set out exploring, settling and taming the wild, crossed stormy oceans, […]

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