I’m As Mad As Hell

I’m as mad as hell, just like Howard Beale. He knew, and he said it so well; reality television, now it’s oh so real. There’s been a wall of division, that stretches the length of the land. Where there should be unison, the flames of fervor are fanned. They only asked that their voices be heard, […]

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If We All Gave A Hand

  We all make our entrances into this world naked, we’re all the same, an individual, though part of an inter-connected community. Born into wealth or poverty;  obscurity or acclaim, when you make your introduction, there’s no immunity.   Be kind and tolerant to others, you haven’t walked in their shoes, or know their troubles. Extend […]

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Wake Up

Too much saturation and exaggeration, there’s no substance, just empty essence. Too awake to dream, too asleep to awake, absent a glimmer or a gleam. The shake of an earthquake, topples and tumbles. You’re sure you’re secure, while all that is around you crumbles. Is there anything that will endure? We’re fragile creatures. Wise teachers, […]

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A Not So Fond Farewell

Look who showed up at my front door, I’m wondering what possibly for. You’re looking ragged and beat, being on your own hasn’t been so sweet. It’s funny how life revolves, the hard times, pain and sacrifice it involves, that’s just mentioning a few. Stand on your own, and do what you have to do, […]

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New Leaf

I’ve had my hopes dashed, watched as everything around me crashed. Now I’ve got my sights set on improving, a new direction, time to get moving. Turning over a new leaf, you may find it hard to believe! Changing seasons, now that’s guaranteed. Give it time, time will tell, if I can succeed. We’ll see […]

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My Lucky One

I’ve been pinching pennies, saving nickels and dimes, I’ve had enough, already ! waiting for these so called better  times. I’m not a lucky one, been waiting for a sign, that my time has come; to be that lucky one.     There’s a jackpot to be had, but I haven’t found it yet. All […]

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I watched what once was dissolve, like time and water, the forces of nature, crack and destroy, without resolve. They show no preference or favor, drift and wash away to reform. Changes for better, changes for worse. from blue skies, to a dark raging storm.. Once it’s done, we can’t reverse, the motion of a […]

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