None of us go unscathed, untouched by hurt and sorrow. In showers of tears I’ve bathed,  falling drops, more tomorrow. Wounds are bleeding, healing seems inconceivable. Immune now to needing, love; no more seems believable. No more, never again, will I allow myself to feel that pain, of what had been. I don’t need […]

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A Not So Fond Farewell

Look who showed up at my front door, I’m wondering what possibly for. You’re looking ragged and beat, being on your own hasn’t been so sweet. It’s funny how life revolves, the hard times, pain and sacrifice it involves, that’s just mentioning a few. Stand on your own, and do what you have to do, […]

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My Day Has Come

I had no illusions to where this would lead, the conclusion was all but guaranteed. I knew from the beginning, this was one,  I wasn’t winning. I took a leap, hoping maybe by some chance, that you’d be my partner in this dance. But you weren’t mine to keep, only to borrow, I’ll revel in […]

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When You Fall

  I watched the sun and moon rise and set. contemplating memories that I can not forget They’re etched in my heart’s deepest place the lines sketched on this saddened face. Love is supposed to never end, a belief,  I once held dear, now I must suspend. There’s little comfort, little relief, bittersweet and brief. No one […]

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I’m A Goner

That’s  it, I’m done,  I’m a goner, If only I were stronger. Can’t hold on too much longer, I’ve lost this campaign. I surrender, I’ll never be the same. Wandering aimlessly down memory lane. My purpose, my plan, all I ever wanted to be was your man. Now you’ve let me go and cut the […]

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I watched what once was dissolve, like time and water, the forces of nature, crack and destroy, without resolve. They show no preference or favor, drift and wash away to reform. Changes for better, changes for worse. from blue skies, to a dark raging storm.. Once it’s done, we can’t reverse, the motion of a […]

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