Momento Vivere




eheu fugaces labuntur anni                Alas, the fleeting years slip by


time flies


in ictu oculi                                             In the blink of an eye


blinking eye


sic vita est                                                this is life





vi et animo                                               With heart and soul


heart and soul meb


spero melior                                            I hope for better things




memento vivere                                     Remember to live




esto quod es                                             be what you are


be who you are



fons et origo                                            the spring and source

spring 2



lux in tenebris                          The light that shines in the darkness

light in dark



sub divo                                                    under the wide open skies


wide open skie


This is my first attempt at writing a piece in Latin. I am not sure if I translated everything right or if the structure is correct, and comments would be appreciated.


Thanks to Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five, and the poet Horace for the inspiration and the first line, which led to the rest of the piece.



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