Anathema And The Psalms Of Shadow And Flesh


I would like to congratulate Arthur Sokoluk, fellow member of the Lake St. Clair Creative Writers group. He recently published his first book, a collection of poetry and prose.  He is an exceptional and creative writer, as this book will attest. His vision and imagination are far-reaching, soaring to great heights, and plunging to the deepest depths.

Like a painter inspired by a vision, Arthur takes pen to blank paper, like the artist takes the brush to canvas.

I have not had the chance to read and review it, but as soon as a copy arrives on my doorstep, I will update this page with my review. Below are his words, giving a short description of what you can look forward to.

From Agalmatophilia and various visions of the end of the world to sweet summer poems of love and loss, the poetic themes covered in this book are both strange, disturbing and yet brimming with time-tested family values. This exotic cornucopia of sinister horizons and beckoning minefields illuminates the shadowy corners that shelter obsessed celebrity stalkers, pretty ponygirls and emotional vampires. Welcome to a funhouse world replete with lust and sinister compulsion. Come as you are, but no free verse allowed.

Here’s a link to order.


6 thoughts on “Anathema And The Psalms Of Shadow And Flesh

    1. Thanks, I agree with you. I think it’s important to promote fellow authors. This project of publishing his book was something he had wanted to do for years, and it finally came to fruition.
      I hope that it sells well, and he manages to find an audience, via means of social media.
      When you self-publish, it’s really hard to garner sales without any real promotion.
      I haven’t read the book yet, but I have read some of his short stories and prose, and I consider his skills to be substantial. He is accomplished at conveying his thoughts and ideas, and he has a
      colorful imagination.

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  1. Thanks, I appreciate your kind words, as I am sure he will as well. It certainly is tough out there. I think self-publishing has really taken off, but as far as profits go, they would be limited without promotion and a major publishing house to back you up, though it may create more competition. He did this book as a labor of love, not especially for sales, even though I am sure he would like to recoup some of the money he spent.


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