Haiku Redo 73-76



The beauty of life

is that it exists at all

appreciate it  


Quiet Of The Night

Crickets serenade

in the quiet of the night

natures lullaby


neon lights aglow

colorful gases flashing

advertise, come in  

Unkind Time

wrinkles on my face

found strands of gray in my hair

time being unkind

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23 thoughts on “Haiku Redo 73-76

  1. Thank you so much Phoebe, I wish I could have you as my doctor. You have it all. I am sure you are an excellent and caring physician as well. The compliment coming from you, means a lot.


    1. Hi Anna,
      Thank so much. I haven’t been keeping up with everyone as well as I want to, but with the more followers you get, the harder it becomes. I haven’t really been writing as much as I have wanted to, or what I want to.
      I am in a writers group, and we meet once every two weeks. That takes a lot of my time, but I think the benefits are worth it.
      I hope you are doing well, and the weather is nice there. It i finally warming up here, but have had a lot of rain.


  2. Using such small amount of words….. So nicely everything is explained. Amazing!
    I am a new blogger.. Will u please check my site … It will be a pleasure to connect with you. Your views will be immensely appreciated.
    Thank u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate that so much. I will follow your blog, and give you any pointers or help you need, even though I don’t think as a blogger. I have all that much knowledge. I don’t blog every day, like a lot of people do. In order to get more views, you need to do that,but I can’t find things tow write about. I have to be inspired.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah … Same is with me.. To write I have to feel.. I am suffering from depression.. And times when I am really sad words flow otherwise not…although after starting the blog I am trying to write on a regular basis. Btw thank u so much for following my blog. And do advice me.☺☺☺

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  3. Sampritda, just write when you feel like it, don’t force it. You can try to write to practice, or even take notes. Some people can and do write every day. I wish I could, but I can’t, I do take notes, and write a few verses. Always keep pen and paper handy.


      1. Thanks, for the compliment, I feel I still have a long way to go. I only started writing when I started this blog. I am still learning and trying to develop my thoughts deeper.
        I did my first batch of haiku wrong.
        I hadn’t done one since grade school.
        I thought the 5-7-5, was words, not syllables.It took me awhile to figure that one out.

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    1. Thank you, that is a compliment, that I very much appreciate. I do need to go through all of them again and check and correct some things I have noticed that were incorrect, or I didn’t like.I am working on a piece right now, which I am going to post later.
      I will go through and read more of your blog very soon. I am really interested in social issues, inequality, and the disenfranchised, neglected people that are so often taken for granted and abused.

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