The Bigger Picture






our planet,


solara solar system.



In a galaxy larger,



an even bigger, expanding universe.

Searching the unknown, for a sign

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8 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture

  1. I believe a story line just like Star Trek told… Aliens are watching, waiting for us hoomans to be worthy of knowing about their existence. However, until we can control our stupid hatred for each other and learn more tolerance for other beings… They will just make crop circles and keep us guessing! 🤔👽🤢

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    1. Thanks, I needed some humor. I am chuckling.I like that alien emoji, and the crop circle reference. I might use that as an idea, thanks again. Oh wait, they did that in “Signs”
      I feel the same way, they’ll just pass on if they could know our true nature.
      That’s why I like a sci-fi film with a message, like “The Day The Earth Stood Still” ,”Close Encounters”.”Contact” or “Arrival”.
      We always want to kill the aliens, are we that stupid? Dumb question. Yes. We kill each other, as you noted.

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  2. I’m totally sure they are watching our broadcasted crap and know we’re still infants, fighting over stupid toys and other things. MINE MINE MINE! Is all they hear. We have decades before we grow up. 👾👽 I had another emoji alien for you 😘

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    1. That’s funny you said that, because in the film Contact, the aliens send us a transmission back of our own programming, starting with Adolph Hitler.
      Cool another one. I love aliens, I really do. I like cute ones though.You should see the movie, Paul it’s an alien stoner comedy. I didn’t think I would like it but I did. It even has Sigourney Weaver in it.
      I am not a fan of alien movies, such as Alien, Predator, Independence Day.
      I also liked District Nine, but again, the aliens always have to look like bugs or something hideous.
      I don’t blame them for passing us by, we aren’t deserving, not until we grow up. You said, MINE, MINE, MINE!
      I will add GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! and I Want, I Want, I Want!
      I would get as far away from here as possible.

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  3. I loved the movie contact. The fourth kind is another cool movie but creepy as hell…..they filmed it in the form of found footage….I almost believed it it lol.
    I love how you wrote this, we are so small in front of this universe.

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  4. Thanks, I don’t often run into fans of Contact, so that’s nice to know. I am not sure if I saw The Fourth Kind, is it about the paranormal?
    I’m a big fan of science and space, so that tends to come out in my writing. I think sometimes too much, but we are a part of the universe. A small part, but a part none the less, and to me, that is something profound.


  5. Midwestern,
    I really recommend Paul if you like comedies. It is funny. I didn’t want to watch it, but it drew me in. There are numerous references to other sci-fi movies. I also forgot Starman with Jeff Bridges, was a pretty good film with an alien, that wasn’t your typical Hollywood alien.


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