Haiku Redo 81-84

  Storms Path Stood in the storm’s path a cyclone wreaking havoc damage done, left wounds    For You I climbed a tower though I was afraid of heights I did it for you  Gambling Man You the gambling man why would you wager and risk the house never loses Dusty Roads Bypass the freeway […]

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Haiku Redo 77-80

Forty-Niners California bound forty-niners rush for gold hope to strike it rich Country Life Took a rural route leaving the city behind live that country life A Path An inviting path summons you to follow it come walk and explore Blank Paper Wordless blank paper pen in hand begin to write a story is born […]

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Haiku Redo 73-76

  Life The beauty of life is that it exists at all appreciate it     Quiet Of The Night Crickets serenade in the quiet of the night natures lullaby Neon neon lights aglow colorful gases flashing advertise, come in   Unkind Time wrinkles on my face found strands of gray in my hair time […]

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Haiku Redo 69-72

  Morning Dawns The stars say good night as the early morning dawns still in bed, I yawn   Books Rows and rows of books accumulated knowledge  all there at your hand      End Of The Rainbow No pot of gold waits at the end of the rainbow the leprechaun lied Twenty-Four Hours Twenty-four […]

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Haiku Redo 65-68

Roads Meandering roads unexpected twists and turns life is full of them Visions Remembrances tug in every direction juxtaposed visions Memories Memories flutter reach for foggy images dissolve at the touch Safe Spaces We need to retreat safe in our own space impenetrable corners ©2017 Kathleen Stefani and Combing  The Catacombs. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of […]

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Haiku Redo 61-64

Nocturnal On The horizon, a nocturnal moon rising hangs in the tired sky Sadness Sadness permeates spreads over me like a blanket No warmth do I feel Souvenirs Souvenirs I kept long ago, when your love was mine hold no meanings now Eden I would eat the fruit picked from the forbidden tree hungry with […]

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Haiku Redo 57-60

Haiku Re-Do 57-60   Logic And Reason                                                      Logic and reason are in short supply these days no thinking, just do Tides Tides wash in and out in partnership with […]

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