Guest Post: Patta Fort, Marahasta, India


Patta Fort, or Patta Killa also known as Vishramgad, is a fort situated between Nassik, and Namadngnar in Maharashtra.

Shivaji Maharaji once visited and rested there. The residents of Patta Killa, are known as Pattekan; meaning residents of Fort Patta.

The height of Patta Fort from sea level is approximately  1,392 meters or 4,566 feet.

History: The fort was in the Bahamanai Empire. In 1490 when Bahamanai Empire was torn in pieces, this fort was captured by the Nizam of Ahmednagar. In 1671, this fort was won by the Moghuls again in 1675; Maharaj the fort was then captured again by Moropant Pingale. Patta used to be at the border of the Swarajaya. Shivaji Maharaj arrived in  1679 after winning Jalnapur. Jalnapur, the Mughal army trapped him from the sides. It was because  of the skill of the Bahiriji Naik, head of the detective department that Maharaj was able to reach Patta safely.

On 11 January, 1688, the fort was captured by the moghul Army headed by Matabarkhan. He appointed Govindsingh of Bhagur a the chief of the fort. This fort was captured by Peshwas. In 1818 this fort was  won by the British.

Places To See: This fort is very easy to climb. There is a Rajwada near the site of the fort, but it has fallen into disrepair, as a lack of care.The Patti Devi Mandir is constructed by the villagers on the fort. The Trymbak Darwaja is also in good condition. Patta Fort also has a shrine of Shri Laxmangiri.Majaraj in the caves near the village of Pattawadi. On the day of full moon(Poomima), the disciple of Laxmangiri Maharaj gather at these caves.

The Ambarkhana is a big hall, newly reconstructed.It can accommodate nearly 200 visitors. There is a rock cut cistern near Ambarkhana. The forest department, with the help of the  villagers has developed the pathways, steps and gazebo on the fort. There are many windmills on the way to Pattawdi constructed by Enercon to produce power to the area.

This post was written  Sudarshan Hire, and the video was shot by him. The lush green landscapes and natural beauty of this ancient land, is enticing to nature lovers, and seekers of out-of-the-way destinations, where the land is still revered and largely undeveloped. There is abundant wildlife to enjoy, and observe in its natural habitat.

There are mountains, rock cliffs, lush plant life and vegetation that abound throughout the region. There are small streams and lakes that you can observe from atop the mountain, as well as small villages. A mist hangs over the mountain and in the valleys. Sightseeing is not strenuous or to rough on foot. There are roads for access, trails and stairways to climb to see the fort and other shrines. There are many rich and colorful reminders of the past glories, set against the backdrop of greenery.

Maharashtra, is located in the western part of India. There are many other attractions and interesting destinations throughout the region. The area is rich in history, and diverse.

It’s capital city is Mumbai. Maharastra has a monsoon climate with hot, rainy and cold seasons.The population consists of a diversity of regional ethnicities and faiths.

Many thanks to Sudarshan Hire.

26 thoughts on “Guest Post: Patta Fort, Marahasta, India

    1. Thanks Sudarshan,
      You should open an account on here and put your photos and a description of your adventures. Those kind of blogs are always popular. To open an account is free.
      I’m glad to have submitted this for you. It was fun. I hope you liked it.



    2. That’s good Sudarshan. You will be very good at it, you have a good eye for capturing pictures of your subjects. People like to see far away places. I hope that you start doing that. I know that you are busy also working and taking care of things. I am glad to have posted this foe you.


    3. So are you still in Maharashtra Sudarshan?
      If so, I’d like to nominate a location to post about. Ajanta Caves.
      Something really odd happened to me there and I’ve since learned something similar happened to the late Japanese author, Yukio Mishima.
      I’d be interested to know what impression it leaves on a local. Especially if you’re not a Buddhist.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cabrogal, I am a Facebook friend of Sudarshans. He submitted the video and photos , the brief description. I wrote the last part. He told me his part needed some correcting. I am waiting to hear from him. He lives in that area. I am from the US. I will direct him to your question.


      2. I’m sorry for that u experience bad there at Ajanta caves. I respect all religions, but some people are disrespectful about another religions. But, It’s place is awesome to visit and knowing about. I’ll write article about it. Soon. I’ll hope positive response from u. Thanks for writing, it’s inspiration for me to write more and more. If u will come here, I’m glad to guide u here on historical sights.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I love the colors of their handmade bags and dresses. My friend spent 6 months there and fell in love with the culture and country. So little time – so many places to see…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’ is so true. For me it is a financial thing. I can’t afford it, so I can only read about those places, or see them in videos. We need longer lives and more resources to sustain them. Everyone should be able to see the world, or at least parts of it.

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  1. I know, that is what stops most people, but then there are some who do with very little, but there’s always a chance for something bad to happen. Not all people have good intentions. I hate to think that way, but that’s the way the world is, and it’s even worse for women. I know that people have done it, but they must have had a certain talent and been fearless. They also to have to be able to talk to people and know who to trust. I do believe for the most part if you really want something bad enough you can do it. It will be difficult that’s for sure, and you may not even make it, but you will never be able to say you didn’t try.
    I think of Chris McCandles from Into The Wild. He was a real free spirit, but he got himself into trouble. I would like to see Alaska, but that is a place where you have to be equipped and be ready for the unexpected. At least he had some adventures that went well before that, he just should have stuck to a warmer area, or maybe hooked up with someone.


  2. Great post and equally great video 👌 I love your very descriptive write up 💚 it tickles 🤗 the itchy feet. I have visited Mumbai and other states of India 🇮🇳 but I now discover the beauty through your eyes. Thank you for sharing. Have a pleasant day 😊

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    1. Hi Anita, I didn’t actually write that. It was a Facebook friend of mine, that lives there. He took all the photos and video. I told him that I would post it on my blog. I have had very much feedback on it. I told him he should start a blog. He wrote the description.
      I told him to send me more.
      I went back and re-read the post, and corrected a few spelling errors. I did write the bottom part. The rest was provided by Sudarshan. He will be pleased to know that you like it.

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    2. Thanking you. In rainy days greenery is awesome. If you will come here, you will experience the natural beauty about this place. Perfect destination for peaceful living.

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