I’ve Been Tagged A-Z Challenge



I want to thank Shay-lon, for nominating me for this challenge. Here’s a link to her blog: check it out at fitness9555.wordpress.com/

She has an awesome blog, everyone should check it out for fitness tips, workout plans and videos to get yourself in shape. It’s really a pleasure to read, and is an excellent source for all you need to know about working out and staying healthy.

This will be a challenge to go through the alphabet and find words that describe myself. I’m going to give it my best shot. Here we go.

A.  Attentive I am a good listener, and go out of my way to make everyone feel like they are the center of my attention.

B.  Bookworm-I love to read, I started at an early age and kept up my love for the written word. It is harder for me to read now, since my vision has been steadily declining.

C. Curious I have always had a keen sense of curiosity for as long as I can remember.

D. Deep-I think I would describe myself as being deep. I am a serious person and do a lot of thinking.  Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts. I feel concern and passion for people . I don’t like superficial people who have no substance, and  are more about show and shallow talk.

E. Empathetic-I feel for other people who have less or are suffering.

F. Free-spirited I’m down to earth, and easy-going. I don’t feel bound by society norms.

G. Generous-I like to give, whether it is of myself, or whatever I have that someone may need.

H. Humorous-I can have  a good sense of humor, I like to make people laugh.

I. Imagination-I’ve always had a good imagination.

J. Junk food addict- I have a sweet tooth

K. Kind-I try to treat everyone, the way I would want to be treated.

L. Loyal-I have your back, no matter what. Loyalty seals the bond of trust and respect. Knowing you can count on someone is something that is not always easy to find. I am there for whoever may need me, and I stick with them through thick and thin.

M. Music- What is life without  music, besides reading and writing music makes up the trinity of my being. Relaxing, moving, mood setting and inspirational. Also a very good stress reliever.

N. Nocturnal-I have always been a night person. The moon and the stars have always drawn me to the night. I like the peace and quiet. of night, and I am more productive at night.

O. Open-I am a very open person. I will talk about just about any subject, and let you know how I feel. I am also open to  trying new and different experiences.

P. Passionate-I have a deep passion for the people and causes that I feel strongly about.

Q. Quiet-I have always been quiet, but my mind is loud.

R. Restless- I always want to go somewhere. I want to travel and explore. I want to move. I find it hard to sit still.

S. Sensitive-I feel very deeply. I get emotional at sad movies, and sad stories. 

T. Thrifty-I’m always looking for a good deal, so I can and save money.

U. Unity-I believe in standing up with others to face injustice and corruption. Joining together with others to create a force is the only way to make our voices heard and concerns addressed.

V. Values-Values mean a lot to me, and I think everyone should  place a high importance on following the values you have been taught, and to do the right thing.

W. Writing-Like music, part of my trinity. Writing and words are powerful, spreading ideas can bring about change, and is also enjoyable. When a writer can connect with a reader, together they can go places

X. Xenophile- Not to be confused with xenophobe. It means just the opposite. I think diversity is essential in a global community. The customs and cultures of other people,  are what make a vibrant, fresh and more understanding society.

Y. Yearning-I find myself  at times yearning for things that are unobtainable, unreachable and impossible, but that searching and wanting is a part of who I am, perhaps some day I will yearn no more, but I think we all yearn for something or someone, something that is lost, that we just can’t put a finger on, but that stirs us and our emotions.

Z. Zombie-I feel like a zombie a lot, because I don’t sleep that well.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers to this challenge. You can choose to participate or not, but I hope that you do.







Thanks again Shay-lon. I hope everyone I have chosen  will attempt this challenge.




24 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged A-Z Challenge

    1. I was having trouble with W, but writing, came to my mind first, but I figured that would be on everyones list and I wanted to include some offbeat ones. I mean X, what can you do with that. I was thinking X-rated, but that was hardly me, or maybe X’s an O’s. I did want to make sure I mentioned my passion for causes. It’s important now more than ever.


    1. Shay-lon thank you, it was fun and challenging. I only had to cheat on one and that was X. I may have mentioned this before, but I had to use the dictionary.
      There were a lot of other options for the letter M, but music and writing are like my blood, they are essential and they flow through my heart and soul, and inspire and lift me.
      Thanks again for the challenge. I like to do them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I used a dictionary as well for some of them, because I don’t think I use very many letters to normally describe myself, so it was fun and helpful because now I can try to expand my vocab. I am happy you enjoyed the challenge 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hah! Hah!, it was not so easy. Going through the dictionary would have been harder I think. I only went through X because there weren’t many entries. I had some trouble with some, but I wanted to be different. I don’t think I have any that aren’t on someone else’s challenge.
    I know there are challenges that I would have to use the dictionary, and I would use it if I couldn’t come up with anything.


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