In the Garden – Viability of a Seed

Some really good information here that I wanted to share.

Misty Meadows Homestead & more!

For the next several weeks our Friday post will focus on helping you have a more successful garden experience this year, starting with seeds.

Before purchasing your seeds it’s a good idea to determine which plants you want to grow and how many you are going to need. For tips on this, see our previous post “Grow a Year’s Worth of Produce”.

Seed Packet/Envelopes

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of seeds from last year or maybe even from several years. Growing plants from seed is the cheapest way to get your garden started and it will give you a greater variety of plants to chose from than the seedlings your might purchase from your local home and garden store.

You’ll notice every seed packet is different, but they all pretty much have the same information.

  • Name of the Plant (Common & often Latin).

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20 thoughts on “In the Garden – Viability of a Seed

    1. Wow, thanks so much Pooja. I am appreciate that so much. Yes, I accept. I have not had that award, I’ve only had one. I will work on that as soon as I get the chance. It might be a couple of days, but it is an honor, thank you.

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  1. I don’t think it should take me that long. I am currently attending a writing a group. We meet once every two weeks. I submitted two poems. Everyone submits a work, it can be poetry, a short story, or chapters of a novel. I went to my first one last week, and will be going back next to see what my fellow members thought of my stuff. I am looking forward to it, but a little anxious. I also have to give a critique of the other writers material., so that is what I have to work on this week. I have been neglecting this blog and not writing anything. I have to get back on track/


    1. Hi Shay-lon, thanks for that. I certainly appreciate you nominating me. I am very honored that you would do that. I will get to it as soon as I can. I actually was nominated for another one, the Versatile Blogger Award, so I will be working on both. Thank you so much Shay-lon, it really means a lot to me. Sorry for not getting back sooner.

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      1. Hey! no problem, everyone has a life outside of wordpress world 🙂 I understand. Hints why I am contacting you like 2 days later.
        You’re welcome, sounds like you will have a busy schedule with fullfilling these awards, good for you and congrats!


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  2. Kathy, congratulations on being nominated for this award. Well done! I think this is a really interesting post and it has inspired me to grow some plants. I am not he best gardener, but I do love flowers and plants and I think maybe it’s about time I have a go at this and see where it takes me. 🙂

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    1. Duh! I didn’t even look at the page you were commenting on. Sorry about that. I am not much of a gardener either. I really don’t have a yard where I live, but I grew up with gardens and flowers. My mom had a green thumb, fruit, flowers and vegetables every Summer.

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  3. As always, thanks Marie. Your comments have boosted my confidence. I am also a chronic worrier, so I am always in a state of worry. I have to get a grip on that.
    We had a huge garden, it was spread out in different places in the yard. I sued to like to go pick the fruit and vegetables. We also had fruit trees, and that was fun to climb in those. I liked to fill the buckets.


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