Haiku Redo 33-36

No Returns

Try this on for size

if not happy return it

there’s no going back


Winter coat and boots

snow is coming down heavy

blinded by the white


A winding road calls

I will answer the summons

where will it lead me?  

Infants Of Eons

Ancient universe

our time is but an instant

we are but newborns

Thanks to Dean for the advice on one that I was not to happy with. Thanks compadre.

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4 thoughts on “Haiku Redo 33-36

  1. Try this on for size

    if not happy return it

    cash back guarante

    One haiku inspires another:

    Try this on for size

    if not happy return it

    there’s no going back

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  2. Hi Richard that would work really well. I think, better than what I came up with, although I try to refrain form using contractions. I wasn’t really sure on the rule about that. I really could not come up with anything without using one. I have to look that up again. Maybe it’s a matter of discretion. I do prefer yours. If I steal it, I will credit you.


  3. I see Richard Hovey has been ‘playing’ with your Haiku as I did, a few haiku’s ago! Your haiku does inspire us to come up with baby haiku – products of your own lovely thoughts. I love these too – you seem to have a real flair for this.

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  4. Richard’s a great guy. I don’t know him personally, but as coincidence would have it, he lives in my old neighborhood where I lived for 40 years. He lives on the next street over.
    For awhile that was all I was writing was the haikus. I have at least another page of four, but I don’t know when I will put them up. I wrote them awhile ago.
    I am not sure about contractions in haiku. I wasn’t sure if you could use them. I took Richards suggestion, because it sounded better than what I originally had used.
    I have gone through several of the other things I have written and changed them.
    I use these for my writing group, so I am trying to improve them.
    The group doesn’t do haikus.


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