Haiku 41-44

  Letting Go I untied the rope released the boat from the berth free to sail waters     Natures Clock Till the cows come home when the rooster crows at dawn natures own clock work Possibilities Imagination a creative mind at thought all is possible Falling King Mongoose and cobra locked in battle to […]

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Haiku Redo 37-40

Emerald Dream Amber strands of hair eyes as green as emeralds was she but a dream Hungry Crow Waiting patiently a hungry crow stalked his meal this bird brain has a brain Hello  Souls Down a boulevard walking strangers and lost souls no one said hello Streets Busy city streets intersections, lights and signs moving, […]

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Haiku Redo 33-36

No Returns Try this on for size if not happy return it there’s no going back Whiteout Winter coat and boots snow is coming down heavy blinded by the white Where A winding road calls I will answer the summons where will it lead me?   Infants Of Eons Ancient universe our time is but […]

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Haiku Redo 29-32

Attraction Drawn to you I yield our meeting was magnetic laws of attraction   Downward Spiraling downward the bottom a dark chasm I met more lost souls Buckets of Rain A sudden shower rain falling by the buckets streets become rivers  Entwined His hand reached for her fingers entwined holding on lovers on a walk […]

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Haiku Redo 25-28

Listen Please Communication expressing to each other no one listening Green Seas Pines evergreens and spruce a tangled forest of trees a prickly green sea Ocean Sky Ocean and blue sky as far as the eye can see everywhere blue Move Your Hands Smooth and silky you want to touch that soft skin move your […]

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Haiku Redo 21-24

SUN Sunrise to sunset the whole world bandys about night comes we need rest To The Summit A mountain to climb standing tall and challenging to reach that summit    Search And Seek Hungry for the truth search and question seek to know whet the appetite   At Rest Final resting place in the cemetery […]

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