Standing At Standing Rock(Water Is Life)

At Standing Rock arose a city of protectors,

rallying for a cause, thousands held strong;

against the might of bankers and investors,

that weren’t wanted, that didn’t belong.

In a peaceful gathering for life,  and for right,

because you can’t use,  you can’t abuse and take forever.

The sheriffs and thugs confronted them with all their might,

but, brown, white, yellow and red, united together.

They were standing and praying,

protecting our water and soil.

No one wanted to hear what they were saying,

all that mattered was the money and the oil.

Standing as long as we can,

our bodies on the line to resist.

You, standing on the other side;  what’s your plan?

Water is life,  without it,  you can’t exist.

Against the odds, they’re standing tall,

here at Standing Rock.

Standing at the Cannon Ball,

praying that all of this will stop.


Water is life,  water is living,

the water will be tainted;  the water will be painted black.

water is life,  water is giving,

we won’t turn away,  we won’t turn back.

Tribes from every corner gathered all were kin,

they tried to make us,

give up and give in,

but they can’t break us.

The authorities menace and demand,

they’re brave with their uniforms and weapons of war.

Coming to claim, and lay waste to the land,

trying to push us,  until we can take no more.

Winter and snow, at last, came to the camp,

attacked by dogs, shot, and hosed in the frozen cold.

No one interceded, cash bought approval; they got the stamp,

the pipes were laid, they were arrogant and bold.

Their badges and their shields,

that thirst for riches knows no bounds.

We will hold out; hold on to these fields,

ancestors in their sleep, weep on these holy grounds.

Our blood is red, yours is as well,

it’s been spilled and shed,

to protect this place where we dwell,

On these plains, we have bled.

We resisted the elements with their icy sting,

they formed lines, ready for the attack.

Why would they do such a thing?

They wanted us to surrender, they wanted us to crack.

What will there be left to drink,

when the pipes have broken?

They don’t care, they don’t think,

Their treaties were just worthless words spoken.

You’ve proved that time and time again,

your hearts and souls are blackened and untrue,

Sacred should be the word among men.

We were warriors,  we were proud,  we are Sioux

Love your home,  love your mother,

she’s the reason for our being;  our life-giver

You only have one,  you don’t get another,

clean,  and unspoiled should be the river.

This is what is at stake, the ugly truth. Is this what people really want for the planet?

Photo credits, various sources. I apologize for no credits.  If legal owner wishes to be named or removed, please contact me.

©2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing  The Catacombs. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express written permission from the site’s author is strictly forbidden.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to, Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

30 thoughts on “Standing At Standing Rock(Water Is Life)

    1. Thank you Christy, I wanted to say something about their plight and their cause. It deserves to be addressed, and not maginalized. It has not receved much media coverage, when it should have, but of course there are so many important issues right now, it’s hard to keep up with them all.
      I feel ashamed, and concerned about the direction we are goingm and that there’s so much indifference to these issues.
      These issues will have a direct negative impact on the environment, and therefore us as well. It’s too bad that the deniers have so much power, but they will not be exempt from the implications when they are in the forefront, and directly affecting them. Maybe they will have a different attitude then, but I am afraid that it will be too late.


  1. A group of brave souls. I was very disappointed to hear about how they were treated by authorities. The intimidation and mud stirring was terrible. By all accounts, they were peaceful but resolute. They have a right to protest and should have been left alone to do so peacefully. Our planet deserves to be honoured and protected. Life over profit.

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    1. Thanks Sabiscut, I wish the issue had been given the attention it deserves. At some point the damage we have done is going to come back to bite us in the behind, and it’s not going to be one we will recover from if we continue on this wreckless path. I am afraid the future will be a very bleak one.

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  2. Thank you for the support of many. This battle isn’t over. Land with the possibilities of oil. Big business will keep trying to get again. I stand with standing rock. Next time. Standing Rock will need more support. One earth and one people. We must protect all life and nature.

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    1. Thanks John,and thanks for re-blogging. I wrote this pretty quick, it could use some more work. I know that the Standing Rock battle is not over. The pipeline will go through, especially now. It must be stopped to save the Earth. There is another pipeline protest that is not getting much coverage. I think it is in Pennsylvania.
      I do so admire and applaud the Native Americans for standing up for themselves and for everyone else. Most importantly for the water, land and Earth. This is one of the most important issues facing us today, the environment.
      Big oil and business does not care, they only think short term and profit. The oil companies want to suck out every drop of dirty oil that they can, no matter the devastation or cost to the planet and people.
      What is the sad thing is they are protected by the police, private security and the government.
      Where are you from in Michigan?

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    1. I replied in the wrong spot, I answered you. I don’t know if you were notified. I think you are the amazing writer. I have a lot of trouble writing. It is a process with me. I only started writing anything a little over a year ago.

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      1. You are doing very well. I started writing in 1969 at the school newspaper. I have always loved to read and write. Writing is learning and seeking improvement. My writing from 40 years ago. Very different. Age make us think and write differently.

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      2. I enjoy both reading and writing, and learning and discovering new things, people and places. Reading can take you places, you can’t go. Your imagination is everything. I am referring to fiction. Nonfiction can take you places to. I like blogging, because you can meet other people who are also involved with writing.

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  3. Ok, well you are a couple of years older than me. I grew up in East Detroit. 9 Mile and Gratiot area. I need to read the rest of your material. You are really talented and have important things to say. It might take me awhile, you have a lot.


  4. So were you there?
    I so much wanted to stand with the Siblings of Crazy Horse in defence of their Land, but being on the other side of the world made it kinda impractical. Physically at least.
    And it really looked like a win for a while there too. Until the White House got turned into a set for bad reality television.

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    1. No, I was not there, I would have liked to been, but I am not financially well off enough to travel that far. I am in Michigan, that is a distance to North Dakota from here, where I am, but I followed it as it was happening.
      It was only a temporary win. I knew they would lose to the corporations, just another example of how groups of people are exploited, and now it will only get worse.
      Yeah it will be a four year run of a bad reality show, unless he is thrown out.


      1. I reckon he’s the best chance for impeachment and sacking since Nixon.

        I’ve gotta admit though, I was kinda relieved when he was elected. Here in Australia we’re prone to blindly following Uncle Sam into whatever war he cares to nominate and based on Hillary’s record I’d guess another middle-east bloodbath was odds on. Not that I think Trump is unlikely to start a war, albeit more likely due to diplomatic ineptitude than Machiavellian calculation, but I think sending Australians to die on the say-so of a moronic megalomaniac would be a very hard sell for our sycophantic leaders.

        Trump is likely to turn the mid-terms into a GOP route as well. If you (and disadvantaged Americans in general) can just hold out until he’s evicted I think you won’t have to worry about anyone like him for at least a generation.

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  5. I hope you are right. I was for Bernie myself, but would have voted Clinton, because Trump is certifiable bat shit crazy.He will have us in a war, just as sure ass would. I don’t think he’s running things anyway.
    I am anti-war as you may have figured out, and I think the Australian PM, was one of the first heads of state that he insulted. I think if these politicians who want war so bad, they should go on the front lines..
    Yes, we need to throw them all out in the mid terms. Who knows what will happen by then.
    I think the whole elections should be null and void. I think a lot of people are pissed, but there’s still plenty that support him, no matter how outrageous he acts.


    1. I think the whole elections should be null and void.

      Whoa there! I sure ain’t no fan of representative democracy as it’s currently played, but trying to invalidate the vote (or should I say ‘the electoral college system’?) to get rid of him would be playing right into his hands. Not to mention confirming the conspiracy theories of those who lean towards him.

      I reckon the anti-Brexiters in the UK who want parliament to ignore the referendum result are playing a similar self-defeating hand.

      Wu wei. Let Trump defeat Trump. He looks to be doing pretty well at it. So far all his attacks on Obamacare have done is split the Republicans. His immigration restrictions keep shattering themselves against the Constitution and his Great Wall of the Rio Grande is just a demented fantasy.

      If he can’t lead you can’t be misled, right?

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      1. Well I pretty much think that he will be his own undoing. I think the Senate and House Republicans are the ones that need to go. They need to be voted out. I hope that it happens. It needs to.
        I think if there was Russian collusion, how can it be a legitimate election? If that information was withheld by the Republicans like it has been implied, then the Electoral College should have broke precedent, and not cast their votes for him. We are on uncharted waters here with what has happened, but to me in my mind it sounds like treason. I mean in the 50’s they weren’t to close to the Commies and the Reds careers were ruined, now it’s okay for him to have his hand in this. Shit, he said it right on television for them to hack her Emails. That mouth of his.
        I don’t know the answers, all I know is that he is no way capable of running this country, once he gets a Supreme Court judge on the bench that will have long lasting consequences.
        I am not a political expert, I am just going by emotions, which I know is not really the way to think when something as complicated as this is happening.


      2. From what I can see from here there’s little doubt Trump and Putin are hot for each other but I don’t reckon there’s a smoking gun on deliberate collusion. Conspiracies are generally just a distraction. Get like-minded people heading up similar institutions and the whole mess just comes together of its own accord. No smoke-filled backrooms necessary. Check out the institutional analysis of the media Chomsky and Herman offer in Manufacturing Consent if I’m being too obscure.

        And that’s the real problem. Not Trump. Not Putin. Not the beltway elite or angry white men. It’s our institutions. Corporations. Governments. Religions. They’re meta-organisms. Their behavior doesn’t come from their human components. It’s emergent phenomena driven by the survival imperatives of the environment they’ve developed in. And they’re out of control. Of everyone. If a president, pope or CEO doesn’t serve their needs they’ll be replaced by one that does. Just like our bodies discard cells that don’t serve their needs. Unless we get cancer that is. And just like cancer, our institutions are now predicated on the need for infinite growth in a finite environment. You don’t need a Masters in mathematics to know where that leads.

        Umm, is my anarchism showing again?

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  6. What’s wrong with anarchism? I respect Chomsky and of course you are right. I was trying to tell my co-workers years ago about growth and infinite quarterly profits and they looked at me with a blank stare. I told them it was unsustainable, and unrealistic to expect that, at some point it would cave in on itself and it would collapse. Every one wants a piece of the pie, and that’s what keeps the common man going, thinking he can get have his slice of the pie and maybe some cake too, as long as he plays by these imaginary rules.
    My concern with Trump is he reacts. He has the nuclear codes. Something minor could escalate. It’s not a good situation.
    He’s been in office for two months, and the whole time he has done nothing but blow a lot of wind.I agree with you about the corporations, they yield the real power. It doesn’t matter who is in office. They are like a many headed snake that devours everything in its path.
    I don’t know what the solution is, except a complete overhaul. We have strayed too far from any ideal of Democracy, which to me is really a myth. for the most part


    1. I know what you mean about nuclear war. I’ve started having nightmares about it again for the first time since the 1980s. And while Trump might be the one to push the button – especially if he really believes his own rhetoric about China – again I don’t think he’s the real danger. If Hillary had got in I’d be equally worried about a confrontation with Russia over Syria or the Ukraine getting out of hand. Even a president as level-headed as JFK damn near cooked us all.

      The problem I see is two-fold.
      1. The US is an empire in probably terminal decline. It’s gonna get increasingly desperate and increasingly determined to blame someone else as the rot gets harder to hide. If it comes to push-and-shove with another blame-focused nuclear armed state things could rapidly go ballistic. So to speak.
      2. US culture just doesn’t get anicca. It’s in denial about death. It believes in heroes who ride into town and save the day with maximum violence. The bad guys always lose and the pure-at-heart are guaranteed a happy ending. That was bad enough when Peacemakers were revolvers. Now they’re ICBMs.

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      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. We are a violent society, and we are rapidly declining. The citizenry are in denial about their empire and our role as being the good guys, we’re not. They are in denial about climate change, they are in denial about our own history and current events. They seem to think that we are the privileged chosen ones. I see it all the time, and hear it, and it makes me sick. No one really sees the empire caving. the anicca you mentioned is not a concept that most of the flag waving patriots would understand. We have had our time in the sun.
        I don’t know why Putin would be so afraid of Hillary. he’s supposed to be the strong man. I know he didn’t want her in there, obviously Donald would be easier to control.
        If Trump pushes the button, I think it would be more over North Korea, than China, but if we struck North Korea, China would I am sure retaliate. I just hope that there is someone in his inner circle that has a cooler calmer head, and I know it isnt Bannon.


      2. Yeah, the DPRK looks a likely candidate for a flashpoint alright. And even if the US forgot what China did the last time it almost annihilated North Korea, Beijing ain’t gonna stand by while its next door neighbour gets nuked, regardless of what it thinks of Kim Jong-un. (BTW, Japan has recently re-instituted nuclear bomb civil defence drills for the first time since the early 90s. Duck and Cover, tomadachi.)

        But again, I don’t think idiots and nutjobs are the problem per se. It’s the illusion of control. And as all of those shocked Democrat faces on election night showed, the Trump administration doesn’t have a monopoly on that form of self-deception. And it wasn’t a cool head in Washington, Moscow or Havana that saved us last time. It was a submarine commander 200 metres down in the Caribbean. We can’t keep counting on a Vasili Arkhipov to come to the rescue.

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  7. Well I do hope that if it comes to that point, that there is someone sensible like Arkhipov, but you are right, I don’t think that would happen again.
    Poor Japan, has too worry about Korea, China and Russia. They are a sitting duck. If they were to get struck, we would have to retaliate, just as China would if Korea was.I agree with the illusion of control, Politics has become a circus, clowns and jesters, running after all the money that flows in from all the special interest groups that want favors. Neither side seems to have any loyalty to the oath they take. It means nothing. They talk a good talk, ehey know how to stir the emotions, and like every other election we fall for it by the empty promises. We seem to have a short memory.
    The whole system is infested. What do you do? It’s now like a stack of cards ready to fall. We are teetering. It’s a dangerous game.


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