Haiku-Redo 1-4

Note: I had tried writing haiku earlier in my blog, and it had been a long time since I had done them, going way back to my elementary school days. Now that was a long time ago. All I could remember was 5-7-5.

I did not remember, it was not words to be counted, but syllables, so here are my first efforts at doing it correctly. I am debating if I should remove the original ones.




A seedling will grow

when planted in the dark earth

bursting forth beauty

The Show

I can smile and laugh

inside I suffer sadness

the show must go on

 To Climb

                                                                The tallest mountain

ancient rock fortress standing

we want to climb it

Under The Sun And Moon

All under the sun

people are moving below

While moon waits to glow

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8 thoughts on “Haiku-Redo 1-4

    1. Thanks so much Mithai, they sound easy to do, but for me they are harder than what I usually write. Maybe I don’t take as much time on them, but they are a real challenge for me. I will attempt more in the future, now that I remember how to do them. Give it a try. I would be interested in seeing your efforts.

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      1. I hope you overcome your problems.☺ Everyone has problems in their lives, the trick is to not look at them as problems and face it with a badass attitude. I mean….. that’s how I try to sort things…..its a mad bad world!! Sometimes I get surprised at what people are capable of…. but if they had the odacity to give you problems, you too can overcome it and make them regret it or simply ignore. They aren’t better than you in any way to actually make you feel bad!!

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      2. Mithai, thank you for the encouragement and words of wisdom. I am feeling somewhat better, thanks to support from friends. That attitude you have is the best one to have, moving on and facing whatever comes at you with a strong spirit, and determination.


  1. Thanks Christy, your compliment and observation mean a lot, When I write I try to get the readers attention, to get them to think. Even if we disagree, at least we can have a conversation, that would at least bring us to the table. Maybe then, we can begin to make some progress, heal and come together.
    You are very kind, thank you for reading.


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