Mine Eyes Haven’t Seen The Glory

eyess                                            godbbb

Mine eyes haven’t seen the glory, nor the lord,battlegr

he’s been silent and absent amongst the discord.

It’s been a bitter battleground,

discontent is the sight and sound.                                                         battle



Truth is marching backward in retreat,truttg

read about the rout in a pompous tweet.

Some are jubilant in the glow of victory,

while rivals anguish in the grip of uncertainty.

victory                   hill


The grapes have rotted and turned sour,

as the hungry covet power.

They group and gather as a swarm,

while the honorable are trampled in a besieging storm.billion




The moral compass is spinning out of control,

on the side of right or wrong will it roll?

From a golden tower, like the kings of Babel,midas

King Midas keeping count at his table.

The humble grumble, uncertain; they fumble,

they lose their footing and stumble.slip

Mine eyes want to see the glory,

and a happy ending to the story.

crummm      crun    crumb

The vestiges of a bereft empire,

walking on a high wire.

No net below,  when they go,  it will be a free fall,

but it wont be just one, it will be all.high-wire

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6 thoughts on “Mine Eyes Haven’t Seen The Glory

    1. Thanks so much Kim, I appreciate your support and encouragement. It means a lot, as I do so respect you as a person and your opinions. We have a battle on our hands that’s for sure. I only wish that people who support him realize what his true nature is, but it is a little to late for that now. I suppose most of them are unmoved by it anyway.


  1. Kathleen, I enjoyed your poem. I just hope politics doesn’t reach the stage where you’ll find yourself needing to rhyme “glory” and “gory”! I think, I fear, that is a real prospect. I’ve now heard enough of the Trump True Believers to know they are impervious to reality–which makes a real political argument, informed and civil, impossible.

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    1. Richard, as I watch his decisions, actions, lack of actions, and statements (if you can call them that), I become more and more disturbed, and disillusioned. I knew I would be when he was elected. It was quite easy to foresee considering his continued temperament and behavior. His transition circus shows me nothing to ease my discomfort. I watch reports, and try to not be biased, but what he has already done, is alarming. What is even more alarming, is that his supporters are still defending him. He is already showing his colors. His lack of Presidential decorum is appalling, and deeply offensive, and should be to everyone. I am sure you share the same reservations, so there really is no need for me to point out his missteps, and the clear ethical boundaries he is abusing, only demonstrates what more is to come. I don’t think it is a pretty picture for the future of the country as a whole. We were already divided, and needed badly to be united. This has salted the wounds even more of those grievances.
      His comments and attitude incites intolerance with a seal of approval. His decisions so far, are showing a clear lack of empathy and even a fundamental misunderstanding of the Constitution, and his powers. He is already showing the signs of gross conflict of interest at every turn. He is out of his element, this is not a business board for his own gain, but he wants to make it one. His disdain for the purpose of the press, is more than troubling, but he has shown a lack of transparency and diversion since his campaign. I expected this, and feared it.
      There are many elements in this society who have no problem with a fascist/oligarch regime, as it suits their underlying bigotry. It has been simmering and brewing for a long time, and now with his seeming endorsement of those beliefs, they will come to the forefront and bare their hateful fruit. The impact will come with a human and moral cost, and at the expense of many. That is why it needs to be reigned in before it takes hold. We should have learned these lessons from history by now, but I am afraid we have not.


  2. All I’ve seen in this political bloodbath is a lot of people who are impervious to reality. Power is a beast with loyalty to no-one. If people would stop fighting with each other, they would see that the real enemy is their lack of consciousness. xo

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  3. Sabiscuit, I agree with you about people fighting with each other, and lack of consciousness, but those people should be able to look to their leader as an example. His decisions and policies have an effect on society. There were deep divisions and unrest before he came into office, and he has demonstrated nothing so far to address those grievances. His supporters have no problem with his actions, because
    they do not see any moral objections to his proposals. His behavior incites the worst traits to emerge from the fringe and gives them a legitimate platform, since he does not seem to condone it. Yes, the true enemy is the lack of consciousness, and one’s own conscience.


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