I’m As Mad As Hell

I’m as mad as hell,

just like Howard Beale.beale

He knew, and he said it so well;

reality television, now it’s oh so real.

neighbThere’s been a wall of division,

that stretches the length of the land.

Where there should be unison,

the flames of fervor are fanned.

neigboThey only asked that their voices be heard,

yet were showed no benevolence from the other side.trump

Those who relish basking in the absurd,

as the repercussions were felt far and wide.

So many patriot, Christians,chris

with an undercurrent lurking;

that you can live with your decisions,

with so little thought, or soul-searching.


From the comfort of your glass and gilt home,

you can watch and sit back;

like spectators at the falling of Rome,

cheering and looking on, as the lions attack.

Today’s American dream, a nightmare facade,

you let it slide,  you let it pass.

Explain it to him when you meet your God,

pray to be forgiven, this chance will be your last.

Yes, I’m as mad as hell,

you followed the Philistine and took the bait.

It could be a different story I tell,                                         phil

if love, had trumped hate.

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27 thoughts on “I’m As Mad As Hell

      1. You shouldn’t be afraid to express your views no matter how contrary they are to the status quo. One thing nobody in the media seems to understand is that people who have the time and energy to be on social media are wealthy, employed, educated individuals who have access to these resources. The other half don’t have anything to show off with on social media or don’t have enough money to pay for Internet, iPhones or cable TV. The lack of perspective and selfishness is bizarre. Just last month these same people were not concerned about the election. They only cared about what happened to the Kardashian diamond ring. Now they’re upset but that lack of consideration is exactly why people voted in the other direction.

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      2. What I fear is my friends and family. I am worried about those relationships are now strained, if not broken. I had the choice not to say anything or speak my mind, but since I am a principled person, I put that above personal ties. Did I do the right thing? I am wrestling with it, but I think the issue is bigger than personal feelings. I am sure I will pay a price that I will regret.
        I don’t have a lot of money myself.
        I can barely afford the internet, and I will probably have to cancel it, once they raise my fee. No doubt there was much division and dissatisfaction from all sides toward the establishment; that was understandable. Citizens voted for what they thought what would be better, disregarding or not trusting the media or the particular candidate. I don’t believe that there was enough involvement in the process, and a general lack of interest or support. People that are not informed are part of the problem, but both sides still managed to stir up enough emotion. I personally think the part played by media created more confusion than anything. They are not immune to their biases. Both candidates had their baggage, Trump came along and offered something that appealed to a large segment of the population. we can only watch to see what will happen. I don’t know if I am expressing myself the way I mean to, or if it makes sense. It’s just a crazy world, and I am hoping to find some sanity.

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      3. First of all, your prosperity, safety, well being and health are a priority. I’d rather you had a good income and the ability to pay your bills. People who love you should not abandon you over your views. The fear factor keeps us from achieving peace of mind and ultimately, happiness. A principled person might be lonely because our society wants to dream of the “good times” rather than work for it. It’s up to you to make the sacrifice.

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  1. Perhaps not coincidentally, I wrote about Howard Beale in a comment to a friend of mine. The 1976 character in Network seems to announce the beginning of The Age of Outrage, leading up to our disastrous 2016 election. “If only love had trumped hate.”

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    1. I have always thought that film so prophetic, and now, more so than ever. The important thing about it is the message, which is lost on the majority of Americans. Now Trump has the Executive branch, the Republicans have the majority of the Legislative branch, and soon the Supreme Court.
      What bothers me the most is my fellow citizens that bought into his rhetoric, based mostly on fear, and false hope. He offered nothing! They bought into that.The stakes have never been so high. This country is supposed to represent something noble, and we lost that. We lost it because an uneducated, bigoted, disenfranchised populace. The divide is deep, I realize that. There were legitimate concerns, but I know this was not the solution.But everything is going to be wonderful, terrific, beautiful, amazing, and fantastic. I don’t think so.


  2. This is so humanly personal. It begins in human hearts and spreads thru the air we breath. I view this arena on tv’s reality shows (corruption in lives/families)… people cheering on evil. We”ve got to get it right for things to get right.

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    1. I so agree with you, but it is the lack of involvement and apathy that brought us here. It is true so many feel powerless against such an impermeable forces. As long as we are protected in our own little worlds; such as portrayed in this movie, particularly this iconic scene, we are not going to accomplish or change much. We do need more compassion, understanding, tolerance and accountability. That is a good place to start, We have to get to know and trust each other, open up to others and then we will be a force, as long as we are divided, then we are contributing to the staus quo.,

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      1. Yes, life is politically, a bad movie! Again, we’ve all become spectators to the sports of evil (in one way or another), and stimulated from rise of adrenaline (until suffering comes upon us/we become the victim). Shameful on shamelessness! Our own little worlds are colliding into one, big reality! I’m also mad … at the weakness of people (this generation has no understanding of tyranny and WW II; they are willing to join the forces of evil as in ISIS-DAESH), power-playing politicians, judicial becoming wealthy thru deceptive practices. We are all the blame and must get it together, before together gets us!

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      2. America On Coffee, you reallly hit the nail on the head. People are surprisingly easy to manipulate, you can see their worst side of their natures, when they have a figurehead that they blindly cling to, who makes them feel a false sense of security and enpowerment by their rhetoric. The mood of the country was headed in this direction. I do understand the feeling of frustration by a segment of the populace, but as you mentioned; this generation has no understanding of tyranny, they don’t understand the consequences of making choices based on those fears. This is a really bad movie, one where the screen just goes black half way into it,


  3. L.T. I feel the same way. It’s a shame we have to be so divided, and prejudeiced, and that people support it and applaud it. I thought we were supposed to be better than that. This is not an example of our best. Nor does it make us great.
    There’s many other issues that should cause alarm, some people don’t have a problem with it, that is what bothers me the most. It depresses me, and unsettles me. I have lost any faith I had in decency.
    This has even caused hard feelings and arguments between friends and family for me. I can’t help but stick to my priciples at the cost of so much I held dear. I hope that am wrong in feeling this dread.

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  4. My plea: POWER to the PEOPLE! Not to corrupt elected official or government milking the people for their own financial gains. They are all corrupt (by way of salaries, power with benefits they all receive) and guilty of corruption , unless proven otherwise. I wonder how long will the PEOPLE of the USA and other world governments remain stupid(?)

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    1. America, I think about that all the time. There doesn’t seem to be enough people actually feeling the affect, as in this piece, as long as they are comfortable, they can lock themselves away and feel sheltered, but there has to come a point when this house of cards comes tumbling down from the corruption and greed that is eating away at it. If there is no stability to the structure, it will eventually topple. The only problem with that is, will the people be able to recover and be able to rebuild. Will the forces that want to keep this system as it is, still have the power to control and manipulate those that are appointed to uphold that system. whose side will they be on?

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      1. Only a small amount of populations (worldwide) are victims to corruption and tyranny. The cried of victims are unheard of in an economy where no one wants to fall. That is no police, attorney general, sheriff, district attorney, mayors , etc, The mass majority of populations do not believe judicial judged are murdering and stealing real property, Christ as being resl o eet property deeds, taking children from non-drug addict parents . Banks with FDIC are afraid of corrupt, tyrannical jidges. All of this under judicial immunity and this immunity is being extended to their friends. Bench warrants being put on people who will not vacate their homes. Police regrettably put people in jail for going to their own homes. This corruption and tyranny will be stopped or go full-blown. Answer to your question: UGLY, when people wake up to get is really happening. Worst than madder than HELL!


    2. I have been wondering that for some time. I had hopes for awhile, only to see them dashed by acceptance, and by brute force. Not many people are really willing to risk it all, no matter how impassioned they may be in the beginning, they eventually wear down and give up. That is how I see it, and the powers that be, know that.
      Any time there is any resistance or civil disobedience, it gets squashed in the end. Mainstream media coverage is often false, and portrays an entirely different picture than what is the truth. It is biased, because the media is owned by the corporations, and when people have to go against that massive machine, they realize they can not compete. They need more to join their forces, As you say POWER TO The PEOPLE, we need more PEOPLE to rise, and say no, and not accept the status quo.


      1. my previous reply seemed to have gotten scrambled with strange undetermined words. (Ha ha ha)!!!!

        Anyhow, agree! Problem is that this NOW generation IS very weak, distracted and is very dependent on technology. They cannot think for themselves, And, as for the news media, they are owned by corrupt corporate elites (as you have said) which judicial judges have vested in.

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  5. America On Coffee, I could not agree with you more. The education system today needs to be re-examined, and courses and subjects that instill some sense, and perspective of the struggles and hardships that we as a nation have endured. We need the good and the bad to be taught, so that can be used as an example, and a learning lesson. I am skeptical whether we can learn our lessons from the past or not remains to be seen, but the more it is shown and talked about, hopefully it will have an affect on those that look, that they recognize the path does not have to always be one that is full of strife. The only way to change the outcome is from learning, and the best place to learn is from the past.

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  6. America, you make many valid points, as always. It does help to be aware, many people are not they live in some fantasy world, and are immune to what goes on, as if it will not affect them, but it will eventually. The environmental issue alone will hit them hard, they wont even see it coming, even though they have been warned now for years, so much so that they have the attitude, that the scientists are crying wolf. This generation is weak, but there are signs that some of them have some smarts. Others do not have a clue. I think it depends on how curious they are, if you are curious you want to know, you will inquire, and put forth the effort to work on solutions to the real challenges we face. I don’t think the older people want to stir the pot. I guess both the old and young are guilty of that. we are not leaving a very good legacy on so many fronts. The whole system needs to be re-examined, and replaced. Times change and we need to change with them. We have to start from the top to the bottom. I think the task is most likely to big for us to tackle. I hope I am wrong.


    1. Don’t get that and me entirely wrong. I still have some hopes, and it’s with the people. The ones who know what compassion, decency, tolerance, humility, empathy and understanding. Sadly that is lacking in a large segment of the population. It’s up to those of us who stretch out our hands to each other and support the causes that need to be supported and addressed, and there are many. As long as people base their lives on fear of those who are different, then there will always be division.
      The socioeconomic gap is disproportionate, and favors a certain segment of society. When people vote for someone that is clearly not in their best interests, I am quite mystified. The rhetoric and promises always get people excited, because they think they have a champion,when in reality, to me, he is far from a champion, not for the people who need it most. I hope that I am wrong, but I am not seeing anything promising.


    2. I forgot to mention that this piece was inspired by the 1976 film Network. Howard Beale is the man in the film clip. He plays a newscaster, that has a breakdown, and the networks use him, and take advantage of him, because they are getting good ratings. When the ratings start to drop because he tells them to turn off their TV’s, the execs panic because of lost revenue, the ratings begin to drop, and the executives have him killed on live television. They have a meeting and they casually discuss killing him because of the ratings. That is all they were worried about is ratings and revenue, not human life. The clip I included is probably the most famous scene in the movie.

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  7. Television is and has always been a powerful medium, not always for the good. It’s been a distraction, and a tool. Depending on whose hands it is in at the time, it can shape and change peoples minds. Since the media is now corporate owned, they have their agenda. They want and need consumers, but they don’t really want them to think to much, therefore the distraction. This has been a process that has been taking place for awhile now, and now that corporations have so much power, we are seeing what corporations want us to see, with no objectivity.


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