Trump's still lying, Trump's still lying,
 throws a tantrum, starts crying.
 His hair is orange and wild,
 he acts like an overgrown child.
 He knows everything, he's so clever,
 he just talks and talks, goes on forever.


 He believes Obama's from the dark continent; he's not Christian,
 thinks he has an agenda, he has a mission.
 He hasn't told the truth,
 that certificate, it isn't proof!
 But Trumps going to fix it all,
 starting with a wall.
 No more immigrants, he'll send them back over there,
 get their own healthcare, no more welfare.

 Now Putin's his pal, someone he's admired,
 that doesn't mean he wouldn't have him fired.
 He's got an imported wife, she's his trophy,
 yes, they're just like us; an ordinary family.
 He has billions, and towers emblazoned with his name,
 don't worry, he's going to make America great again.

 Trump's always lying, Trump's always lying,
 to the press no more questions, stop your prying.
 He loves the camera rolling, and the sound of his own voice,
 he's a prima donna, we should be so lucky and rejoice.
 He's a military mastermind,
 he'll keep the rest of the world in line.


 His jet set life, has been a sacrifice,
 he lives in a world that's a fool's paradise.
 There's no method to his madness with his over inflated ego,
 don't be fooled, he has nothing in common with the average Joe.
 Beauty pageants, casinos and reality TV,
 he's the emcee of fantasy.


 His boys they like to hunt big game,
 they can afford safaris, with daddy's name.
 He has a daughter, if she wasn't daddy's little girl,
 he wouldn't mind giving her a whirl.

 Give him your vote, make him your commander-in-chief.
 when he takes the oath you can breathe a sigh of relief.
 He's got our backs, we should all celebrate,
 across the land, in every state.
 Lights, camera, action,
 get ready for the coming attraction.
Special thanks To David E. for the inspiration and idea to write this.
©2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs, unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without  express written permission from the sites author is strictly forbidden.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs; with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



9 thoughts on “Trumps-Tour-De-Farce

  1. None of this negative publicity is hurting him. His supporters expect it. If anything it keeps him in the news and at the top of everyone’s agenda. What better fuel for the “media conspiracy” fire. I don’t believe is the media’s job to support one candidate or the other. It’s their job to report on issues in a fair and even handed manner. The fact that we can tell the mainstream media wants Clinton to be voted in is a sign that the bias is real. This is the very thing that Trump is campaigning on. So isn’t the overwhelming media support for her – highlighting his negatives – helping him to demonstrate that point?

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  2. Love it!

    By the way, as I was reading your poem I thought of a solution to the problem that’s almost certain to arise in Monday night’s debate. Both candidates should have to enter one of those sound-proof boxes–remember the $69 Million Question show? Then, whenever The Donald began interrupting Hillary, the sound could be cut.

    I just hope that Hillary, who comes off as stiff and artificial, has a few one-liners she can throw at trump.


    On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 5:46 PM, combing the catacombs wrote:

    > grevisangel73 posted: “Trump’s still lying, Trump’s still lying, throws a > tantrum, starts crying. His hair is orange and wild, he acts like an > overgrown child. He knows everything, he’s so clever, he just talks and > talks, goes on forever. He believes Obama’s from the dark conti” >

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    1. Dean, once again you have come up with a wonderful idea. I don’t think the networks would go for it. I believe it’s all part of the show, but it does a real disservice to the public, when it becomes a freak show/circus.
      I forgot to credit David, he is the one who started me on this piece a few days ago. I just added more too it.
      I am sure I will be getting flack and losing followers. By the way it’s nice to hear from you.
      I know the booths you are talking about, and I have heard of the show, but it was a little before my time. I did see the Redford film, Quiz Show, which was about the cheating scandal.


      1. I don’t know what kind of staff and editors they have there. Macomb County for the most part used to be Democrats, but people in the more northern suburbs have gone Republican. They were saying he has a better economic plan!!!!!


  3. I’m not happy at all with the choices. It gets worse every election time. I am sure there is a bias, I wouldn’t argue that. Yes, his supporters will still vote for him, no matter what. It’s a circus. I could easily write one on Clinton. Every election cycle one or the other candidate gets media support. Hillary takes flack as well. So he demonstrates the bias, I don’t really see any real, solid answers to issues on his part. I find it hard to take his candidacy serious, so I am also biased.


  4. I feel so sad. Watching over the news, you said it all on this one. There are lots of Filipinos there too, and we share the same feeling exactly as yours. This is brilliant grevisangel. 👍👍👍

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  5. Many thanks again. I almost missed this comment. I think minorities of all ethnicities are worried and concern and rightly so. I do not like any of the policies he was pushing during his campaign. I could be wrong, but if you go by his statements, there is no other way to feel. You only have to look back at history to see what that kind of talk and what those actions inspired, and it is not a pretty picture.


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