Trump’s still lying, Trump’s still lying, throws a tantrum, starts crying. His hair is orange and wild, he acts like an overgrown child. He knows everything, he’s so clever, he just talks and talks, goes on forever.   He believes Obama’s from the dark continent; he’s not Christian, thinks he has an agenda, he has […]

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Manhattan Song Gone Wrong

  Warriors preach of the heroic and divine, a penalty must be paid for the crime. Crying vengeance for that day of infamy, the faithful sought the trinity.     In the dust of Los Alamos, appeared a holy ghost. Was death the destroyer, the devil his employer.        Little Boy and Fat […]

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Wile The Beguiled

  So much on my mind, but it’s a blank,               it’s kind of hazy. I only have myself to thank, otherwise I’d  go crazy.   I’m not bothered by the isolation,                     I wont conform; I’m not a member […]

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Happy Tears

I cry happy tears,                                                                              tears that came at that point in my life, where the stars aligned,  […]

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The Parade’s A Charade

  The parade’s a charade, a slick, glossy cavalcade, Speeches and spectacle, all so humble and respectable. Visions  stirring impassioned, crowds in rapture fastened. Loyal factions wage their battle, words hurled back and forth, rattle. Allegiances are made and sworn, while some question intention; are torn. Carnival barkers luring for attention, the flock gather at their hallowed […]

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