A Brief History Of Lessons Unlearned

A community’s composition,

includes a broad, diverse spectrum,

of many shades and hues,

an assemblage of opinions and views.

Since the dawn of man,

we’ve come together as part of a tribe, part of a clan.

Time ran its course and we progressed,

not content, there was unrest.

The spirit drove us to move on and ahead,

our baser nature, pushed us to bloodshed;

over grievances, we felt justified,

onward we set forth, across the globe, far and wide.

We possessed potential;  for our survival it was essential,

but our passions and actions, weren’t always sensible.

We created empires on maps,

only to watch them rise and collapse.

In towns, villages and cities,

once they settled; citizens, members of these societies,

came to the consensus,

by standing together, they could settle their differences.

A strong foundation,

to build a nation.

Communities were built and took root,

one after another followed suit.

Merchants, farmers; men and women of every trade,

an ever evolving, revolving cavalcade.

We wanted to believe it was equal opportunity,

but it didn’t pass as such, under intense scrutiny.

Poverty and prosperity,

there’s always been a divide;  a disparity.

Communities in ruins, abandoned,

left on their own sinking, stranded.

Whatever has been built, must be maintained,

adjust with the changing winds, or to dust be reclaimed.

Civilizations rise and fall; they come and go,

the voices of those communities past, now a solemn echo.

© 2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express written permission from the site’s author is strictly forbidden.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to, Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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