On The Home Front

       Some of us live with oppression, at every turn we’re met with opposition, there are those that disagree, and hold a different opinion. Standing alone or together, everyone should have a choice, no one should be denied their voice. One and all should be heard, you have to believe there’s still power […]

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If We All Gave A Hand

  We all make our entrances into this world naked, we’re all the same, an individual, though part of an inter-connected community. Born into wealth or poverty;  obscurity or acclaim, when you make your introduction, there’s no immunity.   Be kind and tolerant to others, you haven’t walked in their shoes, or know their troubles. Extend […]

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“I” Community

There’s a global community, you can hold it right in your hand, you can access the world-wide web, tweet or text. Wi-Fi, broadband, how it all works, I’m not quite sure I  understand, don’t need a great intellect, as long as I can connect. 3D, High Def, and Imax, mind addictions, we can’t get our […]

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Marching Orders

I posted this twice by mistake, I am not going to delete since I have likes on both, sorry.   War on terror, war on thugs,              war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan Flying bullets, killing slugs, didn’t learn a thing from Vietnam.   All this fighting and feuding, we […]

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