Past Present And Future: Convergences



Rewind your mind,

fast forward in time,

too anywhere you choose.

Sit back and relax, enjoy the cruise.parallel 4

Zig-zag from dimension to dimension,

crossing boundaries beyond comprehension.

I walked down the street and around the block,

I found myself transported to a long ago epoch;                    cave art 2                     to the time of ancient cave dwellers,

our earliest story tellers.

In caves, on canyon walls and cliffs,

they left rock art; petroglyphs.cave art

primitive graffiti, a calling card from antiquity.

What were they trying to say,

we were here, hey!

Traces of themselves from eons past,

a fragment of their being, something left of them to last.

Our cousins, the monkeys,                                                                monkeys                  swinging from the trees,

would walk upright soon,

their descendants would set forth to the moon.

Through ages; upheavals and changes,moon

these motions were to set the stage.

On the other end of the spectrum,

the world of the future, I plumb.

Countless scenarios, unlimited possibilities unravel,                                       motlagh-13

wonders and tragedies, I view as I travel.

Humanity facing  a series of triumphs and conflicts,

in the struggle to survive, we used our intelligence and instincts.

We must outgrow our childish desires and selfish wants and needs,        bomb

what we do now, our present acts and deeds,

leaves our destiny hanging, tenuously by fragile threads.

Tides of ebbs and flows, the presence of wiser heads,

must save us from this runaway train,                                                        conflict

the outcome; to perish, if we don’t refrain.

If we wish not to lose all that we have achieved,

let the lessons of the past be reverently received.


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