Accolades and honors for public service,               awarf

make the humble, uneasy and nervous.

In their acts of charity,

they seek neither reward nor prosperity.

They take pride and satisfaction in their duty,                                   community

the chance to aid, and serve the citizenry.

Standing on the sidelines, and in the shadows,

performing in anonymity, their roles wishing not disclose,

their every day acts of self-sacrifice and kindness.                 volunteer

Charitable and giving, always ready in a crisis,

the backbone and moral  fiber,

that purpose, that elevates some men higher.


Some pillars are all show and no substance,

they take pleasure in displaying their abundance.

Their foundation is weak at best,

it would crumble if put to the test.

Keeping up the appearances of propriety,                          wealth

to be included as acceptable members of society.

They crave to fit in, to be considered pillars,

important and credible; worthy figures.


There are pillars of other sorts,

not just as structures; used as supports.

Pillars are meant to withstand and to uplift.

Some men tend to lose their way and drift,

they’re not as strong are easy to corrupt.

pillars of stone construct,creation

solid and strong, do not rust.

as long as they stand, they remind us,

of their strength and might,

and of everything that is true and right.

The last couple of compositions I had entered into a writing contest, with a theme of “community”. I won’t know if I won until the middle of May. I don’t real;y count on winning.

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