Footprints: Forward And Backward

From East Africa are found the earliest footprints of man,

for millennia, we roamed the plains and savannas, as members of a tribe or clan.

We left behind the nomadic lifestyle, and built cities, states and countries,

a palette of diverse ethnicities and diverse communities.

Exploring, we expanded to every corner of the globe, building empires,

in mens souls burned impassioned fires.

A turbulent process of progress and regress,

pride and arrogance, adverse to acquiesce.

Everywhere we left our traces and tracks,

there was toil, blood and sweat, and blistered backs.

Building skyscrapers and ivory towers,

concrete gardens, absent trees, grass and flowers.

Power brokers, wheeling and dealing; while the broken in spirit,

fear the boot coming down on them every minute.

So much has been squandered for profit and gain,

that the few could live in luxury; a life in the fast lane.

We protested and marched at rallies,

having to run, to seek safety in darkened alleys.

Heard the trample of heavy feet,

with clubs and sticks, ready to bust and beat.

To protect and serve, serve the masters at the top,

shall we ever overcome, or do they want every drop?

A million years, that’s a lot of walking that we have done,

millions of miles, how far have we come?

© 2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs.
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2 thoughts on “Footprints: Forward And Backward

  1. Thank you so much for continuing to follow me. I appreciate any and all feedback. You are right, we have not come far, if you look back and honestly ask ourselves. We have made great strides, but so much more could and should be done, but human nature is hard to change.


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