Dancing By Candlelight

You’ve set the mood just right,

for dancing by candlelight.

Soothing music, soft and mellow,

we’ll dance to the rhythm, move with the flow.

On the walls, our shadows, they’re dancing too,

we’re  all enjoying this midnight rendezvous.

what can I do, but succumb, my hopeless romantic,

you charm and captivate, it’s simply magic.

Sweep me off my feet, satisfy my fantasy,

my feet would never touch the  ground, if it weren’t for gravity.

I have some surprises of my own;

the subtle scent of your cologne,

oh, so stimulating, must be an aphrodisiac.

I may  have to have you for a snack,

wash you down with chardonnay;

makes me feel loose, a little bit risqué.

I’m so warm, and it would be so cool,

to take a plunge, and dive into a pool.

Join me for a swim, come on in,

take a dip, plummet the depths of exhilaration.


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