Accolades and honors for public service,                make the humble, uneasy and nervous. In their acts of charity, they seek neither reward nor prosperity. They take pride and satisfaction in their duty,                                    […]

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Marching Orders

War on terror, war on thugs, war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan. Flying bullets, killing slugs, didn’t learn a thing from Vietnam.                   All the fighting and feuding,                           we have an arsenal, a weapon of […]

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Footprints: Forward And Backward

From East Africa are found the earliest footprints of man, for millennia, we roamed the plains and savannas, as members of a tribe or clan. We left behind the nomadic lifestyle, and built cities, states and countries, a palette of diverse ethnicities and diverse communities. Exploring, we expanded to every corner of the globe, building […]

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Dancing By Candlelight

You’ve set the mood just right, for dancing by candlelight. Soothing music, soft and mellow, we’ll dance to the rhythm, move with the flow. On the walls, our shadows, they’re dancing too, we’re  all enjoying this midnight rendezvous. what can I do, but succumb, my hopeless romantic, you charm and captivate, it’s simply magic. Sweep […]

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