Aquarius Ascending

kerouac jazz  village

I’m a bohemian and eccentric,                                             beatnik

I think psychedelic,  I think beatnik.

I rebelliously objected, to conform as expected,

want to go back, “on the road again” with Kerouac.

All that jazz and avant-garde,                                                                hippies

the days of the Village Vanguard.

Poets and singers, now they’re but ghosts,

in silent halls,  they play host.

Free spirits,  long-haired hippies,

vagabond gypsies.

Peace and love;  flower power,

raining down in a sunshine shower.                              love not war

Wet with warmth,  everything so bright;

Far out-out of sight.

Make love not war,  it feels a whole lot better,

feel yourself floating like a feather,  feel the pleasure.

In a world of jokers and fools,

there’s always a rebel that breaks the rules.                          peace

Ginsberg and Kesey, Watts,  and Leary,

the counter-culture;  growing restless and weary,

turned on, tuned in and dropped out.

What was it anyway that we were fighting about?

A gap between generations,

the mainstream establishment had their misguided expectations

They never understood the angst and throes,

of those,  whose bodies weren’t theirs to casually dispose.

To be free,  to flee from this modern-day Babylon,dawn

Changes for a new age;  a new dawn.

We want and cling precarious,

for the coming age of Aquarius.


watts      kseyginsberg


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10 thoughts on “Aquarius Ascending

    1. Thanks Dagmar,
      I really look up to some of those people and I have a fascination with the time period. I am too young to have been a part of it. I wanted to do a piece trying to capture the ambiance of the time.
      I don’t necessarily agree with some of the things that they said and did, but it was a pivotal time and people were trying to find their voices and places amidst chaos, and the establishment.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I would like to think of myself that way. I don’t really go with the flow. I want to be as the trendsetters of the past were, I mean the misfits, and people on the fringes.I don’t like to conform to society’s ideals. I think that leads to stagnation. Variety is a good thing, as is questioning and having reservations about accustomed behaviors and beliefs. It is good to stir the pot, every now and then.


    1. Thanks so much Alex. I was watching a video about the 60’s and the era and this one came to me. Thank you to consider me a poet. I am really an amateur, still stepping my toes out into the water to see how it feels before plunging in.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Prashant, thanks so much. I do appreciate your comment. I really try. I thought your work was as well, in fact, yours was transcendant. You have a gift with the pen. I look forward to reading all your blog. I just have to find the time. Thanks again


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