Mono No Aware

You can get lost in the shuffle,               city 3

the hustle and bustle.

I need a change of scenery,

away from technology and machinery;

back to nature,  lush with greenery.

A  place of seclusion,

want  to be alone,  no intrusion.jam

A cabin in the pines,

content in the confines.

No  concrete, cars,  or traffic jams,

advertising sales scams.

Twenty-four hour evangelists,
nothing there I’m going to miss.preac

The city lights are  a long way from here,

the moon and stars look so near.

They’re the only lights I want to see,

like stepping back, to a by-gone century.

The stars look like candles flickering afar in the distance,

those wanderers, take us back to our earliest times, and childhood innocence.

There’s something primal, buried deep in us all,

at times we can feel it,  we can hear it’s  call.

A yearning for something that can’t be expressed,

only by returning,  going back,  does it manifest.


© 2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs.
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17 thoughts on “Mono No Aware

    1. Thanks for all your comments. I feel the same way. I feel that we have lost so much with the advent of technology, not that I am against technology. It has benefited us greatly, but I feel, as I was trying to say in the piece, there is a part of us that still clings to what our most distant ancestors must have felt.
      There remains a sense of something that has been lost along the way of our evolutionary path. There is a struggle to hold on to what we have known, it is ingrained into our DNA, subtly, but I feel that it is disappearing with each generation.
      I was worried about that line you quoted. It seemed to come to easy to me. I hope that i did not borrow it subconsciously.
      I wanted a title that expressed a feeling, that was hard to describe. The one I chose is Japanese, it is not quite what I wanted, but it means,”thing aware” or an “awareness of impermanence”.
      I am very much inspired by the late Carl Sagan, and more recently Zen Buddhism.Thank you again.

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      1. You are kindly welcome. I know what you mean, and while I enjoy the benefits some technologies have given us, I also worry about our dependence on those technologies.

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    1. Thanks, sometimes it comes easy and works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Poems don’t really have to rhyme, but I always stick to that pattern. I actually want to try free form or some other style. I did do some haiku’s, but I still seem to stick to the same formula, over and over. I feel that limits me, but I am so used to this style. I am not confident enough yet to deviate from my normal pattern.

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    1. Thank you, anonymous indian for your lovely comments and kind praise. It means very much to me, to have fellow writers acknowledge me. It is encouraging and inspiring for someone just starting out. I feel fortunate now to be considered a part of the blogging/writng community.

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