Imperfect Elegance

Everyone has some wisdom, some advice to impart,

what I should, and shouldn’t do.

If I should choose to follow my heart,

where would that lead me to ?

I lose myself in dreams that can never be,

we’ve all wanted to escape reality.

We should be so lucky,  from time to time,

to wander off and taste the sublime.

Cast off rules and limits,

something everyone wants to do, but never admits.

But I must awake and return to a world that’s real,

I can’t recover that enthusiasm and zeal.

Sometimes we get it right, more often  than not, we get it wrong,

we do the best we can,  go forward and move along.

Life is learning,  a series of trials and errors,

I  didn’t turn out to be the poster child of my fore-bearers.

I failed to measure up to their example,

fell short, though opportunities were ample.

I am what I am, flaws and all, I am me,

an accumulation of ages,  past and present, an assembly;

of an infinite amount of particles and elements.

Though imperfect, still there is contained within; elegance.



© 2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs.
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19 thoughts on “Imperfect Elegance

      1. Thanks again. I really like what I have read of yours..I haven’t read everything yet, but I have read enough to know that your talent is unquestionable.
        I never even thought of doing this a few months ago. I keep trying to tight the perfect one. Maybe if I can keep coming up with ideas I can reach that goal. It’s good to have people to encourage you. Thank you for that.


    1. Thank you again. I appreciate your comments and encouragement. It feels good to get compliments from fellow writers, I feel accepted, and that is important to me as I have just started taking writing serious. These are my first attempts at writing anything from a social perspective.

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  1. Interesting. Considering my upbringing, I feel I very much overachieved in every way, but especially the human way, and that my fore-bearers don’t measure up to my example. And, obviously, I can’t be accused of being a humblebrag 😉

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    1. I suppose it can work depending on certain factors. In societies, we are conditioned to measure ourselves, to and by certain standards and behaviors. I didn’t necessarily believe that our fore-bearers were in any way better as people. Ones to look up to, or as role models. Far from it really. If we had to learn our lessons and hold on to the standards of most of the people of the past, then we would be in trouble, because they were far from what they portray themselves as being. I don’t know if I am explaining this the way I mean to. I don’t think you are a humblebrag, you just did things your own way and achieved things on your own merits.

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  2. Yes, to a degree. I was referring to my parents, and to myself and to a degree society in general. But I have always been a rebel, misfit, and non-comformist, is that running away or being free? I haven’t figured that out yet. I am still searching.


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