Circus Animals

Lost our capacity for conversation,

in a trance, numb to sensation.

Images on the screen,

have  you hypnotized.

You have to be able to read the lines, the ones between,

they’re censored and sanitized;

none the wiser, no one’s even realized.

Attention spans minimal,

we’re manipulated, it’s subliminal.

Saturated by the media,

we’ve gone from the encyclopedia, to Wikipedia.

Madison Avenue pushers selling their wares,

promising dreams, in reality they’re nightmares.

Messages instill fear to incite,

encourage to engage,  and ignite.

Stir the masses; deceived, they become enraged,

they’ve taken the bait.

The slumbering hate, lies in wait, ready to awake.

There’s a brute in all of us, we keep it caged.

When our baser instincts surface,

we’re like animals, escaped from the circus.




© 2016 Kathleen Stefani and Combing The Catacombs.
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14 thoughts on “Circus Animals

  1. This is beautiful. To answer your question, born in France, Jewish Egyptian-French heritage despite the pale skin, anomalous in dark heritage. School in England and America, lived here since. Really loved this piece.

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    1. Wow, you have a unique mixture there. That is amazing that your parents were able to cross what I imagine to be, quite a hurdle. I would love to visit Europe and I have always been interested and fascinated in the history of Egypt.
      I am light skinned as well, despite my ancestry. I am half Italian on my fathers side, but his family were all light skinned, as they came from Northern Italy. My maternal roots are a real hodge podge, of European roots, mostly English, Irish, Scot, French, and Durch, somewhere in there is also either Native American or Spanish. My mother was light skinned, but her mom was dark, with jet black hair and high cheek bones. As you might deduce I am into geneology, and origins.
      Thank you for your comments on that piece. I could not come up with a title. I really didn’t know what direction I was going with it. It just came out the way that it did. I know what I am trying to convey with it, but it was hard to make it work within the structure that I composed it. I always follow the same pattern with rhyming, and i would like to be able to do more free verse. The only other form I have been able to do, was Haiku, and I am not even sure that I did those strictly the way they are supposed to be written.
      Thanks again, I appreciate the compliment.. I also welcome constructive criticism,

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      1. Lovely ancestry. Native Americans are so beautiful. Northern Italians tend to be fair. I prefer America to Europe because Europe is very anti semetic. I’m not a practising Jew but i don’t like the anti semetic vibe in Europe one bit. ♡♡

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      2. I would love to be able to find the Native American ancestor, but no one can verify that.I don’t know if i would actually want to live in Europe, even though I believe certain countries have a better and higher standard of living than we do here, particularly in the Scandinavian countries. That may have changed. I do understand how you would feel uneasy about the anti-Semetic tensions over there. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere that is immune to intolerance..That is too bad.

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    1. Thank you,that means a lot to me coming from a writer of your caliber. I enjoy your works as well, and I am glad that you understand my ways of perception in words. I appreciate the comment, and and also any constructive criticism. I am always open for that. I would like to expand and explore other topics, and subjects that interest me, and hopefully the readers as well. I started out writing introspective pieces, and tried my hand at issues that I thought deserved attention.

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      1. You are kindly welcome and thanks for the compliment. I enjoy your writing and believe you are covering relevant issues that deserve attention. I look forward to reading more.

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    1. That one was hard to write, and I didn’t know where it was going to go, but it just came out, and it made sense to me. I am glad that you liked it and understood it. Thank you. I like hearing what people think of my work.

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      1. I used to throw them in the drawer, and then throw them away. That was a long time ago, but they were primitive. I was just finding my way. I am a different person now, so I am writing from a different view and perspective.


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