The Land Of The Free

I have my reservations,

about broadcasting my observations.eye

Judgmental people,

don’t realize, they’re pawns, mere sheeple.

no minds of their own to think rationally.

Misguided by prejudice and fear, they protest  passionately,

to fervent crowds who clamor,

swing down our mighty hammer.                                              mind

Feeble attempts  to justify their positions,

they think only on their own terms, their conditions,

anything’s fair game to further their ambitions.

The better angels of our nature have ceased,

replaced by a smiling, banner bearing beast.

They listen to it’s forked tongue,                                                        statue

the wise with age,  and the impressionable young.

They smile in eagerness, as they rush down the road of doom,

beneath a joyless cold sun, hangs a pallor of gloom.

What will become of us, what have we done ?

We’re all to blame, each and every one.

We’ve been handed down a sentence,war

for which there is no penance.

Called to, and more than willing,

to participate in destruction and killing.

Invaders;  crusaders intent on their holy mission spreading democracy,

a house of cards, a row of dominoes, an empire called monopoly.gun

Continue on with reckless abandon,

no matter the cost,  or the consequence, let what will-happen.

It’s been the model, with no end in sight,

a patriot, always keeps up the good fight.



12507419_1052688288128155_8381020154981268738_n 12509056_1049303601799957_8286562436789078399_n



I may offend some readers with my views,  but I believe if each of us adhered to personal responsibility and individual accountability,  we would be less likely to be swept up into a world of fear, intolerance, aggression and brutality. Governments, religions, and profiteers perpetuate this cycle to benefit themselves, while the individual is the one who pays the price for the actions of those few, the ones that reap the spoils



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3 thoughts on “The Land Of The Free

    1. Thanks Hemangini for the comment and for the compliment. I don’t know how that came out the way that it did, I suppose it came out of my frustration with society today, and the apathy I see, yet, everyone gets rattled when the media and politicians spread fear. No one questions the root causes of these conflicts, they play on fear, and misinformation. I was afraid it would offend some of the flag waving patriots, that do all the talking and war mongering, and live in a perpetual state of fear, that for the most part is manufactured. I am pretty much pessimistic about what the outcome will be in the near future. People are too distracted, some for legitimate reasons, the main one being surviving. They don’t have the time to think, or feel any outrage.
      I am always critical of what I write. I never think it is any good, or that anyone will understand my point of view, or agree with it.


      1. Writing what resonates with our hearts is always difficult since we feel like it isn’t enough since we are not enough, which is entirely wrong!! Your thoughts are yours, you are wonderful human being, thinking and doing something for the betterment of the world with your words. Fear keeps most men away from doing what they could be doing if they just let it go, maybe these days more and more people are doing so dear. Yes corporates and governments suck the life out of us but it is up to us to let it be or fight against it. Because today they can’t let it slide just like that, consumers can change (which would be the biggest step for humanity), we can be better. there is always room for betterment but many do not want it because it is difficult.

        But do not stop voicing your opinions and thoughts. Keep writing dear 🙂 Strong points should be enhanced even further.

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