Looking for My Carl (Calling To the Cosmos)

combing the catacombs


I’m looking for my Carl,

someone aiming for the stars.

No matter how high, the sky’s the limit,

I’ve counted the years, days and hours, down to the minute.

I used to believe in the man on the moon, and the face on Mars,

it was science that came to the conclusion,

they were only an illusion.

I longed to find a way to him,

I never gave up  hope, even when it seemed dim.

I’ve been patient, I’ve had to forestall,

but there was always the cosmos to enthrall.

I  know he’s out there, among the multitude.

When I gaze above looking with wonder,

it’s with humility and and gratitude,

at the vastness and sheer number;

a backdrop on the grandest scale.

I know that somewhere, he is looking upward to,

and that providence will prevail.

Until that day, I feel the cosmos call,

I am part of it…

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