Just Rewards

combing the catacombs

Clever captions, mind distractions,

lured by  colorful attractions.

Consumed consumers

jubilant with laughter,

tantalized by nonsensical humor.

Money; money is what’s the matter.

In the sweet here after,

when you’re put out to pasture,

for the final chapter.

In the sweet bye and bye,

the man in the sky.

He’s selling salvation,

or is it eternal damnation?

Hands you candy; sweet, sugar coated,

they line up, so devoted.

The blind leading the blind,

their vision impaired, so want to be spared.

Madly driven to be forgiven,

absolution they shall not find.

So they will sink, with the weight of their greed,

they will thirst for a drink, then they will taste need.

Piles of cash, parched throats

money to burn, there’s no return,

such a waste.

Fortunes now ash, dry moats

how precious water, just for a taste.

Lived their lives without concern,

their fortunes, their treasures, a lifetime of pleasures.

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2 thoughts on “Just Rewards

    1. Hello, thanks for including my piece in your list of recommended reading. I am not sure why you chose it, but the extra exposure to your readers is appreciated. I did not think it was that good. I am a late bloomer. I have only just started writing, and exploring my thoughts, feelings and views. I did not know what to make of your comment at first, until clicking on the link. I appreciate my inclusion, and hope that readers can relate to the message I was trying to impart.


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