Intact Extracts

combing the catacombs

In a frantic fashion,

you rationalize your passion.

So much imagination,

vivid illustration.

Circles, squares and cubes,

abstract interludes.

Colors and pictures, one of a kind fixtures,

Revered and inspired, divinely inspired,

as the holy scriptures.

But I’m a cynic and a critic,

I will be to the very end.

A position I will defend,

and yours, as well my friend.

We don’t have to see eye to eye,

I’m your strongest ally.

You need an alibi,

all you have to do is say the word,

you can be assured.

Your secret I’ll keep,

I’ll be nothing, but discreet.

Later we’ll rendezvous,

we’ll meet at quarter to,

and discuss this magnum opus.

Outran an avalanche,

could have been a catastrophe,

living on the edge precariously.

Getting that second chance,

now we can laugh with detached hilarity.

Onward with this odyssey,

wherever it may be.


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