In Another Realm

combing the catacombs

In a sea of blue, in a tranquil sky,
I was sailing on a cloud. 
I felt the awe of being allowed,
questioning, why it should be I.
It must have been a dream,
a flight of the imagination.
It was so inviting and serene, 
lie above and below me,
the might of creation.
I didn't want to be awaken,
from that place I'd been taken.
The sun was sinking, a golden hue.
I knew not who I was beholden to,
for the wonders I had been shown.
A trip into the great unknown.
I was back on solid ground in the twilight,
a full moon was rising.
I felt no fear, nor fright,
but it was not surprising.
As I came to my senses,
I tried to account for my experiences. 
Was I awash in another realm 
with an unknown captain at the helm?

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