Eve’s Place

combing the catacombs

My name is Eve, you can call me that,

I  have a garden I’ll show you, it’s just out back.

I grow everything on my own,

fresh and sweet like a honeycomb.

I’ll share with you, all that is mine,

ripe, and right off the vine.

Sample what you  like,

what’s the harm in taking a bite?

Hungry men will eat when the table is set,

what else would you expect?

Was it such a calamity, to be the downfall of humanity?

It wasn’t Eve’s fault,

she withstood the assault.

To this day, we are sinners exiled,

every man, woman and child.

So she set up  a place, and put on her best face.

If you’re good, she’ll serve her specialty,

a real delicacy, made from a secret recipe.

She know’s her way around the kitchen,

she’s flexible under any condition, any position.

She can cook up a breeze,


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