Devils Dance

combing the catacombs

How the devil would revel, if I were gone,

he’d do his dance and sing his song.

I’ve used and abused, turned to drink and other stimuli,

to tale me out of this world.

Lost my mind, got twisted and hurled,

this craving, I can’t satisfy.

Between the bottle and the pills,

it’s  a battle of wills.

No contest, who that winner’s going to be,

it’s the only thing I see with perfect clarity.

I could blame the devil,

were  on close terms, you could say were related.

My demons, are ones I created,

the playing  field’s always been level,

The wounds are old and deep.

I climb a mountain, trying to reach the peak,

get dizzy looking up, go tumbling down,

get up shaky, stumbling around, no solid ground.

On this downward spiral,

there’s no stopping, not even for awhile.

Reach for comfort in a can,

wash it down…

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