The Road To Happy

The  road to happy is strewn with debris, and many a casualty. It happens when you hit the asphalt, onward and away you vault. At a cross roads, you come to an intersection. not sure, which way’s the right direction. Gather your wits together, the road must take you somewhere better. It’s a journey, where […]

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Mono No Aware

You can get lost in the shuffle,                the hustle and bustle. I need a change of scenery, away from technology and machinery; back to nature,  lush with greenery. A  place of seclusion, want  to be alone,  no intrusion. A cabin in the pines, content in the confines. No […]

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Imperfect Elegance

Everyone has some wisdom, some advice to impart, what I should, and shouldn’t do. If I should choose to follow my heart, where would that lead me to ? I lose myself in dreams that can never be, we’ve all wanted to escape reality. We should be so lucky,  from time to time, to wander […]

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Circus Animals

Lost our capacity for conversation, in a trance, numb to sensation. Images on the screen, have  you hypnotized. You have to be able to read the lines, the ones between, they’re censored and sanitized; none the wiser, no one’s even realized. Attention spans minimal, we’re manipulated, it’s subliminal. Saturated by the media, we’ve gone from […]

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The Land Of The Free

I have my reservations, about broadcasting my observations. Judgmental people, don’t realize, they’re pawns, mere sheeple. no minds of their own to think rationally. Misguided by prejudice and fear, they protest  passionately, to fervent crowds who clamor, swing down our mighty hammer.                           […]

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Originally posted on combing the catacombs:
If I could  ascend to the skies, I would take wings and arise. Far beyond the horizon I would soar, searching from heights above, with sights on finding my one true love. Abandon these walls, to be confined no more, escape from this place, To the arms and comfort…

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Eve’s Place

Originally posted on combing the catacombs:
My name is Eve, you can call me that, I  have a garden I’ll show you, it’s just out back. I grow everything on my own, fresh and sweet like a honeycomb. I’ll share with you, all that is mine, ripe, and right off the vine. Sample what you…

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