One Chance

I’ve wasted so much of my life, now I’m past my prime. Where did it go, all that time? You only get one chance to make it right. Wasn’t even thinking, never even gave it a thought, why worry? The days seemed to go so slowly, now they’re flying in a flurry. Now it’s the […]

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Haiku 1-3

She thought he was exotic, as they were strolling hand in hand, Thoughts he envisioned, were erotic.   I’ve searched far and wide, my heart was open to be received. I’m yours, if you decide.   Looking up at the stars, I must have wished a million times, and wondered where you are.   These […]

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The Truths Of Dawn

When your youth is gone, there’s a truth to the dawn. You see the sunrise though clearer eyes, it’s a sight to behold. A sky painted with streaks of gold, as another day I awaken. On this journey I have undertaken, the years seem but an instant. When only yesterday, I seemed but an infant, […]

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Flowing, Aflow

There’s a river, rushing and flowing, leaves of trees blowing; fall with the breeze, into a winding stream. Carried away, they float like a dream, amidst many forks and bends. They journey down an uncertain way, swept down deep crevices, dark recesses. Sometimes the current brings to an end, that trip, causing  dismay. Those unforeseen […]

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Too Become One

I long to be reunited, our bodies locked in embrace. To feel excited, by the touch of your skin. I want to feel that way again. I’ve forgotten the taste, and how much I miss, the sweetness of your kiss. The feeling of you inside, when you take me on  a ride. When we reach […]

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Hanging Up The Holster

Spic and span, clean as a whistle. I’m a quick draw with my pistol, a real straight shooter, I am. Fully loaded, fully equipped, I pack a punch, if you get my drift. Pumping like a well oiled machine, there’s a load in my magazine. When I aim, I don’t even have to try, dead […]

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Wake Up

Too much saturation and exaggeration, there’s no substance, just empty essence. Too awake to dream, too asleep to awake, absent a glimmer or a gleam. The shake of an earthquake, topples and tumbles. You’re sure you’re secure, while all that is around you crumbles. Is there anything that will endure? We’re fragile creatures. Wise teachers, […]

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