My Universe

    You are the center of my universe, encompassing my all, my everything. Distant worlds collide and disperse, into a circle, a giant glowing ring. In that darkness, they shine bright, in my darkness, you are the light. Clouds of cosmic gas, ice, and clusters of dust, star stuff, star stuff is in us. […]

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Cosmic Conception

When the big bang went boom, in a flash, the brightest light spread and inflated; and so all was created. The universe became an infinite womb, a dark vast nursery, to everything that ever was, or would ever be. In a cold ethereal ocean of black, the forces of gravity attract. Cosmic debris, would collide […]

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Bluer Horizons

I’ve waited with the patience of saints,

freed from those imposed constraints.

Bound by shackles no more,

never looking back, once I’m out that door.

I’m flying solo, the unknown awaits,

like a bird, with the seasons migrates.

Take to the skies with wings spread,

off and gone, toward horizons bluer,

where memories and reminders are fewer.

From this skin I shed,

there’s a whole world waiting ahead.

Without further adieu, I must embark,

soaring free as a lark,

in a direction I no longer dread.

From the ashes of disaster,

I became my own master.

Transformed, a phoenix; I bore and created,

I ascend, elated from my bondage, liberated.



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Intact Extracts

In a frantic fashion, you rationalize your passion. So much imagination, vivid illustration. Circles, squares and cubes, abstract interludes. Colors and pictures, one of a kind fixtures, Revered and admired;  divinely inspired, as the holy scriptures. But I’m a cynic and a critic, I will be to the very end. A position I will defend, […]

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I watched what once was dissolve, like time and water, the forces of nature, crack and destroy, without resolve. They show no preference or favor, drift and wash away to reform. Changes for better, changes for worse. from blue skies, to a dark raging storm.. Once it’s done, we can’t reverse, the motion of a […]

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Just Rewards

Clever captions, stir passions, lured by  colorful attractions. Consumed consumers jubilant with laughter, tantalized by nonsensical humor. Money; money is what’s the matter. In the sweet here after, when you’re put out to pasture, for the final chapter. In the sweet bye and bye, the man in the sky. He’s selling salvation, or is it […]

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