Dominic’s Duende

His hair was brown and wispy.  It hung to his shoulders with a haphazard charm that she had been drawn to. It did not conform, and that made her smile. In its wild nature, she saw the tameness beneath. He cut a dashing figure with his black corduroy pea coat. It fit him snugly and […]

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Yuan fen Fateful Coincidence

  I met a stranger While standing in line We exchanged small talk And then parted ways The briefest of encounters A missed connection How many times In our lives Have we crossed paths with someone A convergence of chance Would it be a disappointment Better off left alone Or do I welcome the unknown […]

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My Sweet Thief

Your face is worn, with lines I love. You gaze intent, your elegant hands, brush against my skin, and I blush, cast down my eyes. If you looked in them, you would see to my soul. I won’t hand over my heart, only to have it broken, and carelessly cast aside. Would you be so […]

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Momento Vivere

        eheu fugaces labuntur anni                Alas, the fleeting years slip by     in ictu oculi                                             In the blink of an eye     sic vita est  […]

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    Your silence says it all, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I won’t keep waiting for your call, when you make it crystal clear. The rejection hurt like hell, I can still feel the sting. I loved you, I really fell, now there’s no hope eternal to spring. My broken heart must […]

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And Then It Hit Me

  And then it hit me, a touch and a look in your eyes. A spark lit me, I longed for hello’s, dreaded goodbyes                                                                […]

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  Onward with no direction, only to wander aimless. My dimly lit perception, of places and faces; nameless. With restless abandon, I strode, hurling cautions wind, hear it howl. On the road of ruin, I rode, ever perilous on the prowl.   This lone kingdom I reign, where subjects, not a single soul. I haunt […]

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